Hardware Societe

As luck would have it Hardware Societe reopened a few days before our trip to Melbourne after being burnt down last year – the poor guys :( Don’t think the fire kept the people at bay for long where it was already pumping on Friday 10:30am. I’ve never seen anything this busy on an Adelaide weekday.

Hardware societe Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

The baked eggs was served in a small casserole dish – look how tiny and cute is it! 2-3 eggs baked eggs layered the outside with the inside filled with tangy tomatoes, smoky chirozo, crunchy almonds and soft potatoes. The ‘sauce’ was cooked yolk based but I prefer my eggs runny. Still a delicious dish but be warned, it is rich and you probably wouldn’t have any room for lunch afterwards (no idea how I managed to stumble to Chin Chin’s a few hours later).

Hardware Societe Baked Eggs

Baked eggs with chorizo sausage, piquillo pimientos sauce, crunchy almonds, queso de cabra goats milk cheese ($17)

I laugh at you C – he wanted a small meal but ended up with the biggest one with the crab omelette :P Creamy omelette with slivers of salty crab meat gave it some subtle flavours. Cool to see a whole zucchini flower deepfried and stuffed with garlic butter smack bang in the middle of the dish.

Hardware Societe Crab Omelette

Crab Omelette

What an interesting hot chocolate - dash of cream and a slab of chocolate in a cup but combine it with a jug full of milk chocolate and tah dah your hot chocolate is here. It tasted, well, just like hot chocolate but it wasn’t something extraordinary – I do prefer the one’s at Lindt.

Hot Chocolate

 Hot Chocolate

Call it my puffed up Adelaidean pride but I believe we can rival this food (and do it better) with Modinetti’s baked eggs and Bar 9′s crab omelette. It was quite a nice meal but it was hard to be impressed by something when you’ve had better.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5
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Melbourne Series 2014

C and I went for an extreme food crawl through Melbourne for 4 days during the Adelaide Cup holiday. We thought we were smart going only on an Adelaide long weekend. We were not. It was Labour Day in Melbourne – luckily things were still open :) Here is a list of the places we ate at:


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