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When people find out about the name of my blog usually one of the first things they ask is: “what’s your favourite dessert place?” It’s a pretty hard call in Adelaide because you see the good and the bad – a good place for me is not just good, it is amazing enough to shove those bad memories down a hole where they belong. I’ve thought long and hard about this and yes it comes down to Steven Ter Horst. Although they do specialise in chocolate with chocolate desserts, in my humble opinion their best desserts are the ones with fruits (something tart to cut through the sweetness).

Steven Ter Horst

They’ve really given this the right name calling it the Chocolate Obsession – it’s so rich and indulgent. Dollops of chocolate and vanilla cream around the giant macaron shell edge, filled in the middle with a heap of soft hazelnut-like chocolate cream. Who needs a cherry on top when you’ve got a sharp chocolate circle and a baby-sized chocolate macaron?

Steven Ter Horst Chocolate Obsession

Chocolate Obsession – Chocolate cream, vanilla mascarpone mousseline and chocolate cocoa macaron ($9)

Sweet lychee center and a coconut sponge complemented the whisper-like raspberry mousse perfectly. The acidity of the raspberries made this dessert so light and refreshing – not too heavy at all :)

Steven Ter Horst Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush – Raspberry mousse, Lychee centre with a coconut sponge ($9)

I’ve been eyeballing these chocolate tablets for about a few months, always pulling back at the last minute because I would devour it in seconds. Finally caved like a paper cup this visit. Creamy and smooth dark chocolate with dried raspberries to give it that slight kick – good for those stress filled days ;)

Steven Ter Horst

Chocolate Tablet ($12)

It’s so easy to get down to Steven ter Horst now where I’ve already been a few times this year haha :P I’m slowly getting through their range but can’t wait to do lap 2 of their desserts (I’m getting close guys).

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5 – the tall man with the beard is so nice :)
Atmosphere: 3/5

Steven ter Horst Chocolatier on Urbanspoon

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