N2 Gelato, Fitzroy

N2 gelato uses liquid nitrogen to make gelato with fresh batches made right in front of you :D It’s actually not too hard to understand what is happening – we all know from year 8 science that a huge amount of energy is required to go from one state to another (our case liquid to gas). The liquid nitrogen absorbs energy from it’s surroundings which causes rapid freezing of the gelato mixture, turning into nitrogen gas (the ‘steam’ in the picture below) – neat aye? ;)

N2 gelato

Okay let’s get down to business, we’re all here about for the food right? The texture of the gelato itself was quite creamy yet floppy and melted very fast – must be the liquid nitrogen not being enough to solidify the beast. White chocolate gelato was very much like sweet sweet vanilla and a hint of coffee with solid hazelnuts was found mixed inside. My favourite was the mango sorbet where it legit felt like eating an entire mango – so easy and refreshing to eat :D

n2 gelato

 White Chocolate, Coffee and Hazelnut Fudge ($6) and Mango Sorbet ($6)

The deconstructed apple pie had a apple spiced gelato – I am not a fan of spiced things so it was initially painful for me to eat. It started feeling like an apple pie when I squirted the caramel syringe filled syrup (tasted more like apple sauce) and dug deep to find the shortbread crumbs to break the dominant spice flavour. Turned out not too bad in the end ^_^

N2 Gelato deconstructed apple pie

Deconstructed Apple Pie – an apple gelato with bites of caramelised apples and a shortbread crumble centre, finished with a cardamom & cinnamon spiced whipped cream and a warm caramel syringe ($8)

They change their flavours weekly but the week I went to Melbourne none of the flavours really tickled my fancy – I probably would have loved it more if there were flavours I was more interested in. I haven’t tasted gelato this creamy before but I felt it was too sloppy and melted too fast for my liking.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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Melbourne Series 2014

C and I went for an extreme food crawl through Melbourne for 4 days during the Adelaide Cup holiday. We thought we were smart going only on an Adelaide long weekend. We were not. It was Labour Day in Melbourne – luckily things were still open :) Here is a list of the places we ate at:

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