Movida Bar de Tapas, Melbourne

Movida is one of those places that is so popular that we booked more than a month in advance to secure a seat. Hearing so much rave and having had a few failed Spanish food attempts in Adelaide, I really wanted to see what a good Spanish place was all about.

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne

One tapas (equivalent to one bite) costs around $4-5 – expensive but I guess more stomach room to try them all? The queso had a Uncle Toby’s roll up-like quince paste cigar wrapped around a creamy goat cheese center with something crunchy mixed in. Such an interesting dish with different textures and flavours and you know the kicker? I’m not a goat cheese fan but I liked it :)

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne queso

Queso – Quince Paste Cigar with Whipped Goats Milk Cheese ($4 each)

The pollo escabache al miguel tapas was like a cold chicken potato salad squished between two crispy thin croutons. It tasted alright but don’t think it was worth the $4.50 (enough money for a cup of coffee).

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne Pollo Escabache al miguel

Pollo Escabache Al Miguel – Spiced Chicken Escabache Tapa on Crisp Crouton ($4.50 each)

Small pieces of crispy toasted brioche and a cube of duck liver pate and Pedro Ximenez foam made up the pate de pato dish. The pate itself was smooth on the pallet but paired with the Pedro Ximenez foam made the whole bite ever so sweeter. FYI Pedro Ximenez is a white wine grape which would explain the sweetness we got.

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne pate de pato

Pate De Pato – Duck Liver parfait with Pedro Ximenez Foam and Toasted Brioche ($15)

On the mejillones al gazpachuelo dish hidden away under the shell was a giant mussel swimming in sauce. Juicy, plump mussels with a slight hint of lemon, drenched in the creamy, butter-like aioli was moreish.

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne Mussels

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne Mussels

Mejillones Al Gazpachuelo – Spring Bay Mussels Enriched with an Almond Sauce ($20)

Cordoniz con kikos had pan seared quail breast to give it that slight crunch on first bite. The quail sausage was alright but sprinkled crunchy garlic on top gave it a bit more texture and flavour. Weirdly for this quail-based dish I liked the jamon best – fresh and tender with a slight saltiness.

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne Quail

Cordoniz Con Kikos – Pan Seared Quail Breast with Quail Sausage, Jamon and Toasted Corn ($17.50)

Very last second decision to squeeze the flan in with it’s smooth and creamy custard-like texture and a little burnt caramel layer on top. Puff pastry-like biscuits was fluffy on the inside, helping to cleanse the richness of it all.

Movida Bar de Tapas Melbourne Caramel Flan

Flan – creme caramel with pestinos ($12)

Don’t get me wrong, Movida was a good meal but at such high prices and small servings I need it to be great for me to want to throw my money at it.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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Melbourne Series 2014

C and I went for an extreme food crawl through Melbourne for 4 days during the Adelaide Cup holiday. We thought we were smart going only on an Adelaide long weekend. We were not. It was Labour Day in Melbourne – luckily things were still open :) Here is a list of the places we ate at:

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