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One Valentine’s day C had brought me flowers – my first reaction: “you know I have hayfever right?” My mum’s response – “what a waste, he should have just given you the money for the flowers instead.” Poor C. I’m not sure if it runs in the family or if somehow mum and I had missed out on the romantic gene. Though there is one perk of Valentine’s day for me – another excuse to go stuff my face where this year found me at Esca yay ヽ(´▽`)/

Spaghetti chitarra with SA prawns, chorizo, chilli, garlic, tomato & basil

Spaghetti chitarra with SA prawns, chorizo, chilli, garlic, tomato & basil

First up was the beef carpaccio as an entrée. Thinly sliced raw pieces of beef that melted in the mouth – slices of beef were so fresh and well seasoned we didn’t even know it was raw. A kick of freshness on the dish was found on a bed of soft juicy peppers, crunchy croutons and bitter rocket.

Beef carpaccio with pecorino romano, roast peppers, aioli & croutons ($18)

Ahh I really loved the seafood linguini – it was subtle with each strand of linguini packed with flavour but not drenched in sauce. Sadly I had an allergic reaction where the kind waiter had triple checked but nothing should be there :( Without hesitation he told me not to force myself to continue and gave me the menu to replace my dish. Damn that is some amazing and considerate service.

Linguini with local SA seafood: prawns, crab, mussels, cockles & calamari ($30)

After I had settled down the fusilli avellinesi main was brought out :) It was a hearty meal filled with tender chucks of veal and tangy sour tomatoes. Look how cool this pasta is! It’s curves caught enough bolognaise sauce giving each mouthful just the right amount of sauce.

Fusilli avellinesi with a veal, pork & tomato ragu ($25)

All restaurants need to end strongly with desserts because it is the last thing that we experience and remember. Esca’s semifreddo hit that mark with pieces of sour raspberries littered throughout the creamy, sweet semifreddo. The texture was like frozen mousse – creamy like icecream but it had a bit more body.

Raspberry & white chocolate semifreddo ($14)

Esca had me licking the fork for more – it’s one of the few places that tick all three boxes (entrée, main and dessert)! Can’t wait to return to try out more of their menu.

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5

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