Chianti Classico

It’s like a spreadsheet – each restaurant we visit fills the spreadsheet up, giving us a point of reference to compare other places with. You know that once upon a time C was content with foodcourt food? Until he met me in his poor uni times (poor guy) then I turned him into this monster D: I don’t think I’ve done him any favours going to Chianti – another place that is ranked fair high up on the foodie spreadsheet ;)

spaghetti alla marinara in bianco

Spaghetti alla Marinara in Bianco – spaghetti, South Australian prawns, Goolwa cockles and squid, chilli, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, Patlin Gardens tomatoes ($34.90)

Antipasto had a platter of meaty cockles, crispy buttered bread, fresh meats and a side of soured veggies. There was absolutely nothing to fault on this platter :) One of my favourites was the rockmelon wrapped in prosciutto. Okay yes it does sound weird but there was something about the juicy melon and salty prosciutto that just worked.


Antipasto $35 for two (extra $15 per person)

Long strands of broad, flat pappardelle covered in a flavour infused oil. Mixing in the tender shreds of duck confit gave it such a rich flavour. It did get a bit heavy towards the end because of the oil but oh so worth it – I didn’t want to stop eating!

pappardelle con anitra

Pappardelle con Anitra – housemade pappardelle, duck confit, roasted garlic ($33.90)

I found the dessert menu to be quite ordinary offering things like panna cotta and creme brulee. In the end I chose the La Bomba as it sounded like a bombe alaska – I was imagining flames! Sadly there were none :( Each bite into the meringue made me feel the grit of sugar between my teeth. Bitter coffee gelato tasted nice but this cake-like thing soaked in alcohol at the bottom was a bit strange.

Chianti Classico La Bomba

La Bomba

Chianti offers really delicious food but with the price tag attached it would be something to go to on a special occasion. Winning the award for best breakfast last year it’s the next thing I have to try from them :)

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5 – very polite and friendly service
Atmosphere: 4/5

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