The Grand Tasman Hotel, Port Lincoln

Do what the locals do and one of C’s eating and watering hole is The Grand Tasman Hotel. I was curious to try what natural oysters were like (another first) but I didn’t know it was raw oyster D: *danger music* Trying to get a macro shot freaked the hell out of me seeing the clear jelly-like structures. Chewing through the oyster a briny taste permeated through with the gooey, slimy texture. It did taste alright but the raw slimyness heavily put me off, not a natural oyster fan – Kilpatrick all the way!

Eyre Pennisula Oysters

Local Eyre Peninsula Oysters ($14.95 for half a dozen)

Devilled scallops were juicy and  tender, wrapped around with ham that was a bit crispy on the outside. A generous amount of chilli cream sauce was lathered on – very thick and rich with a subtle kick of chilli. A nice sauce but it did get a bit too rich after a while.

Devilled Scallops

Moorings Signature Devilled Scallops – scallops wrapped with ham served with a chilli cream sauce sided with steamed rice (entrée size $16.95)

And the best part of it all? There’s an all you can softserve machine at the back – FREE like the days of Pizza Hut restaurant. Not a bad meal but I’ll stay away from the natural oysters next time :O

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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