El Toro Espanol

For P’s birthday we went to check out tapas (woo my first time) at El Toro Espanol but a series of misfortunate events fell upon us that evening. Two peeps ended up vomiting during the dinner from massive migraines and another had her car backed into. Wow. How were we so unlucky? I’m still quite surprised how I managed to continue eating through the vomiting ordeals ;)

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella ($49.90)

The pollo al ajillo was one of the better dishes of the night with flavours coming through the garlic, chilli and paprika on the chicken but still a bit more salt had to be added. The pork belly was very bland with no kick to it. It was insanely salty where after each bite left me grabbing for my glass of water. Coming back from Port Lincoln my standard for seafood has been raised pretty high so apologies first. The calamari was a bit mushy with the outer crispy batter being soggy but it was still one of the better dishes of the night.

El Toro Espanol
Left to right clockwise:
Pork belly – slow cooked pork belly marinated with sherry, garlic and paprika ($13.50)
Pollo al ajillo – tender pan fried chicken pieces in a garlic, chilli and paprika sauce ($14)
Croquetas – tuna fried croquettes ($15)
Calarmares Fritos – Lightly seasoned calamari with lemon and house aioli ($12.90)

The mejillones was another good dish with juicy mussels steamed with white wine, garlic, chilli, onion and fresh parsley. The sauce was sweet and I couldn’t taste any alcohol in it :)Meatballs were mushy and tasted like processed meat with the accompanying creamy paprika sauce being flat … it was kinda just there.

El Toro Espanol

Left to right clockwise:
Albondigas – Meatballs slow cooked in a paprika sauce ($9.90)
Mejillones - mussel steamed with white wine, garlic, chilli, onion and fresh parsley ($14)Calarmares en salsa roja - traditional braise of squid, paprika, garlic and onion ($12.90)

The lightly fried chorizos was saturated in salt – enough said.

Chorizos Fritos

 Chorizo Fritos – lightly fried chorizo with paprika and olive oil ($12)

The chicken paella was underwhelming where the rice being half way between risotto and mush. Tasteless bits of capsicum and chicken were tossed in for fun.

Chicken Paella

Chicken Paella ($39.90)

Pricey for what it we got with most flavours being quite mild/bland.

Food: 1.5/5 (edible but not enjoyable)
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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