Boulangerie 113, Goodwood

I’ve found another place guys. Probably as bad as my BTS obsession but it comes in the form of Boulangerie 113 – a French inspired bakery that’s left me returning 3 consecutive weekends in a row to shove a croissant into my mouth.

Boulangerie 113 chocolate and pistachio croissant

Chocolate and Pistachio Croissant

Have you ever seen something sexier than this croissant? I dare you to try me. Each layer shattered away instantly as the knife came down (what better sign could I ask for? :D) – a sugar coating or something must have been glazed before it was baked to get it that crunchy. Popped into the mouth it was earth shattering crispy and buttery yet still airy and fluffy on the layered inside. A smear of chocolate paste with whole hazelnut bits was found in the middle surrounded with fluffy pastry.

Boulangerie 113 choc hazelnut croissantBoulangerie 113 choc hazelnut croissant

Chocolate and Hazelnut Croissant

Tangy cranberry pieces and a small dollop of white chocolate was found inside this croissant – my favourite flavour (for now). I actually didn’t mind that there wasn’t too much filling inside  as the actual croissant was to die for. Yup that is how good they are.

Boulangerie 113 white chocolate and cranberry croissant

White Chocolate and Cranberry Croissant

The plain croissant was a lot more savoury compared to the coloured croissants. Still buttery and fluffy and everything a croissant should be – perfect for breakfast :)

Boulangerie 113 croissant


The chocolate croissant had two small lines of chocolate inside – I was hoping that with a chocolate croissant it would be filled with lots and lots of chocolate. The croissant itself wasn’t as crispy as the others but still nice.

Boulangerie 113 Chocolate croissant

Chocolate Croissant

Ok this danish looks pretty sexy too. The pastry was more dense than the croissant but still finger licking worthy with the crispy outing. Filled with a layer of cream and passionfruit to give it that tang. Man I need more danish in me.

Boulangerie 113 passionfruit danish

Boulangerie 113 passionfruit danish

Passionfruit Danish 

Next up a blueberry danish! Sweet blueberry paste on top of a cream cheese layer – it left a slight bitter aftertaste but still tasty.

Boulangerie 113 blueberry danish

Blueberry and Cream Cheese Danish

Not near Goodwood? Never fear they are also stocked at Steven ter Horst – CBD workers/uni students rejoice! It’s definitely a sign to help us croissant junkies out. I found the coloured croissants to be the stunners – the ones that will blow your mind. The others were pretty awesome too but I would trade it for a croissant in a heartbeat ;)

Food: 4/5 – amazing croissants, that is all.
Service: 3.5/5 – the girl who served me was so kind and patient as I indecisively brought a ton of stuff :D
Atmosphere: 3.5/5 – the café is so cute and I loved sitting there watching people buy their food. I’m a nosy little person.


Boulangarie 113

113 Goodwood Road
Adelaide SA 5034

8373 2482

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