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Growing up sucks – there are the perks of, well, I’m not gonna lie but having money is nice and not believing everything your parents tell you. This could have saved me from eating chicken butt as a kid (another story for another day). But don’t you miss the days when 5 cents could get you a musk stick at the tuck shop? When the kid with the gold coin was the richest?  The coolest thing was ABC kids - until Pokemon that is. Who am I kidding Pokémon is still cool. Don’t get me wrong I was pretty sceptical about coming to Glen-Forest. Look at me – a 23 year old girl at a petting zoo for kids, pfft I’m too cool for that. Apparently it’s too cool for me D:

Port Lincoln Glen-Forest

If I were to ever get a pet it would be a bunny rabbit – just look at this ball of fluff. So cute! While I was giving all my love to it, C was distracting the uglies with food and helping me fend them off.

Glen Forest Port Lincoln

Bunny rabbit

Look it’s an albino kangaroo!

Albino Kangaroo

Awww so dopey :)

Glen Forest Port Lincoln

Their little paws grab onto your hand when you feed them, so cute!


I always thought joeys would be pretty adorable until I saw one with only a leg and tail sticking out of the mum’s pouch. There was even another one with only it’s head sticking out - a tad creepy but when they are out it’s pretty adorable to see.

Kangaroo and Joey

This peacock is a bit of a dick. No joke. Look at it strut its stuff with all it’s feathers poofed up, and then BAM it starts chasing the poor bunny. I’ve got my eyes on you peacock ._.


There’s even an aviary full of birds that land on your hands, head, shoulder – basically if they see food they’re gonna come for you ;)

Glen Forest Port Lincoln


Although the place was littered with kids, Glen-Forest was super fun for even the 23 year old that is still a child at heart.

Glen-Forest Tourist Park    
Clarkes Lane, Greenpatch
PO Box 146, Port Lincoln
South Australia 5606


Berny ChanBerny Chan
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