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Port Lincoln = probably the capital of seafood in Australia, Tunarama, one of the 2 places in the world to go shark diving and C’s home town (yep he’s a country bumpkin). Sadly for me I am allergic to fish – I know you all must be thinking first Japan and now Port Lincoln. It’s funny when I tell people I am allergic to fish many make the connection that I must mean shellfish. “Is a prawn a fish? No, then I can eat it.” Now that we’ve got that cleared up, my first food stop was Del Giorno’s on my quest to stuff my face full of seafood.

Iced Coffee

Iced Chocolate

Oysters oysters oyster oi oi oi! First round of Coffin Bay oysters were done kilpatrick style - smoky crispy bacon and the Worcestershire sauce drizzled all over the oysters. A bit heavy handed on the bacon and BBQ sauce where it was hard to taste the oysters but who doesn’t just love bacon and BBQ sauce?

Kilpatrick Oysters

Kilpatrick Oysters – Bacon and Worcestershire sauce ($15.9 for half a dozen)

*drum roll please* Now to the mains with the Kinkawooka mussels – when it wasn’t alcoholic it was nice! The broth had a subtle alcoholic taste with chunks of tomato and a hit of spicy chilli giving it more depth. Chips were cooked to a crispy shattering bite and man, that was a good creamy mayo.

Kinkawooka Mussels

Kinkawooka Mussels – Port Lincoln black mussels cooked in tomato, white wine and fresh chilli served with chips and home made mayonnaise ($23)

Kinkawooka Mussels

Fresh calamari offered a little resistance to each bite but yet were still yielding. Lightly deepfried and seasoned with salt and pepper – a touch crunchier would have made it amazing but that was still instant love for me.

Salt and Pepper Calamari

DG’s Salt and Pepper Calamari – dusted with sea salt and cracked pepper, on crisp greens with lime and sweet chilli aioli ($14.50)

First food place down and I gotta say, not bad Port Lincoln, not bad at all. Produce was fresh and flavoursome – although some parts were not to my tastebuds it was still quite delicious.

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5

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