Mamak’s Corner, Adelaide

People treat you better when you are in business wear- I swear they can smell the poorness in uni students. Still dressing like a homeless uni student during weekends, a lot of the time I get pretty bad treatment/completely ignored yet on a work day there is a complete 180 degree attitude change at the same stores. It makes the places that treat you well or even alright as a uni student stick out and one of these places is Mamak’s Corner. I admit, I do miss dirty Asian food and never really crave fine dining – I always feel out of place and never quite right at those restaurants. At heart I am still a poor uni student :)

Teh Tarik: traditional Malaysian milk tea

Mamak’s version of meegoreng is fancier than the instant noodle kind (the staple to a uni students diet). It wasn’t only just served with a giant mound of noodles but had a sunny side egg, juicy chicken pieces, crunchy deep fried onion and chilli sauce splashed on the side. Made me feel posh with this fancy meegoreng – a decent feed but on a slight low note I wasn’t a fan of the chilli sauce.

Meegoreng ($9.80)

The chicken curry was rich and flavoursome with tender pieces of chicken – a nice touch to dunk the roti in, so good :) The roti telur consisted of a egg and roti mixture – all in all it was quite eggy, a lot thicker and non-crispy than I expected.

Roti Telur and Chicken Curry 

Look at the roti tisu! Brittle roti rolled into a giant cone with sugar dusted on the inside. Although scoops of icecream and a little cup of custard were given I found it best when it was by itself ;) Warning this is a messy dish with me surrounded by sprinkled sugar everywhere.

Roti Tisu ($8.50)

A good simple and cheap feed if you’re craving some dirty Asian.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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