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Guys I’m not going to lie – I’ve never been a fan of Thai food. I’ve tried a few Thai dishes during my pov student years and it wasn’t a fun ride. It’s funny now talking to people in an older age group that Star of Siam is THE Thai place, I guess it’s time to hop back on that horse and give it another spin :)

Thai Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea ($4.50) – yum!

Urgh sea star dumplings, why couldn’t you just magically refill like a tim tam packet. It was a nice touch of service that the waiter individually plated each sea star on our plate. Juicy prawn, squid and chicken minced filling encased in a chewy dumpling skin with a flavoursome red curry sauce – quite a sweet dumpling from the coconut milk. I was already plotting to order two sea star entrees and eat it as a main for my next meal here.

Sea Star Dumpling

Sea Star (3 pieces) – minced prawn, squid and chicken dumplings, cooked in mild red curry sauce ($12.80)

These drunken noodles reminded me of dirty Chinese stir-fry but Star of Siam takes it from a pedestrian meal into something more. Tasty bites from the tender chicken, veggies and refreshing basil tossed into the noodles. Flavour infused oil coated each noodle – delicious but it twas a bit too oily towards the end.

drunken noodle

Drunken Noodle – Fried egg noddle Thai style with chicken, vegetable, chilli and basil ($16.80)

C loved his pepper and garlic chilli pork – juicy pork left a strong punch of delicious garlic flavour.

Pepper and garlic chilli pork

Pepper & Garlic Chilli Pork – Marinated pork, pan-fried with pepper, spices, crispy garlic flake and chilli ($20.80)

For those on a budget, they also do lunch with food coming out super fast and prices at a reasonable $12.50 – perfect for a fancy uni student lunch and even the city worker.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5 – our glass of water was never empty!
Atmosphere: 4/5

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