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Which day do you think is the worst day of the week? I believe it is a Tuesday – Monday you’re still on a high from the weekend, Wednesday is hump day which you can’t do anything about, Thursday is still one day till Friday, Friday = it’s already the weekend! Who knew on a Tuesday night the night life in Adelaide would be so rowdy – walking into Press Food & Wine the place was already littered with people.

Press Food & Wine

Beef tartare – my Asian mum’s worst nightmare. One week after trying this baby I had cravings and forced C to trot back to Press Food & Wine. C was pretty put off by the sound of raw beef but once he had a taste, his reaction: “hey no maggots like what you find in supermarket meat.” Seasoned raw meat mixed with the runny egg yolk left a creamy like pate which could be smeared onto the toasty bread. However the bread left a burnt aftertaste – a slight imperfection but still delicious.

beef tartare

Beef Tartare

beef tartare

The Press roasted pork bun – yes everything you’ve heard is right, this was amazeballs. Sweet soft buns with juicy roasted pork and kewpie (Japanese mayo) lathered cucumber which gave a refreshing crunch that melded with the meatiness. Kewpie, my kryptonite – I ate this straight out of the bottle all the time in Japan. I found this bun to be quite Asian inspired – must be the kewpie sauce and sweet breadtop-like bun. My highlight for this trip :)

Press roasted pork bun with kewpie

Press Roasted Pork Bun ($9.50)

You could smell the mushrooms everywhere! Slices of tender medium rare porterhouse topped with mushrooms and drizzled with a mushroom sauce – tasty but a tad overpowering with the mushroom for me.

Porterhouse with mushrooms

Porterhouse with Mushrooms

The trick to Asian food is you never question what it is, you just eat it. I’ve wanted to try lamb brains for a while but am always too scared to take the jump. Lucky for me C took the jump and I nibbled away at his plate ;) Soft creamy lamb brains tasted like tofu which actually was quite nice. Cow tongue was not hard to miss – big fat squishy tongue shaped thing hidden beneath the slices of meat. It reminded us of trimmings but again knowing what it was is a bit freaky (I kept seeing a cow in my head with it’s giant tongue poked out at me). Mmm the deepfried sweet bread was my favourite – tasted, well like deepfried sweet bread (I don’t actually know if the sweetbread is an organ but in my mind it is just bread!). The morcilla sausage was rich in flavour and would have gone down well save for the fact I knew it was animal blood.


Press Mixed Grill – Morcilla, Liver, Brains, Sweetbreads, Minute Steak, Onion, Potato Salad, Poached Egg ($34)

Tasty food leaving us rolling out of the place though we didn’t feel too flash after the offals.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5 – our waiter was so lovely and friendly with a very good understanding of the menu
Atmosphere: 3/5

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