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I Only Eat Desserts / September 28, 2013 / 2 Comments

Realising I wasn’t giving my Entertainment Card the abuse of a lifetime, it was time to give it an exercise at Rigoni’s Bistro. Cue rain please – puppy dog eyes staring longingly with my nose pressed to the window, during my broke ass student life it always eluded me what kind of place it would be. Stepping inside  the tables were clothed in white linen, rustic bar in the center where the place was definitely fine dining but with a bit of casual flare.

Darling, you had me at hello duck tortellini. The earthy, plant flavour of the pasta reminded me of wholemeal and wasn’t to my liking. However, it encapsulated shreds of confit duck with slices of duck breast bursting with flavour and meat juice which consumed the plant flavour hooray! Pinky, tender duck breast with it’s Peking duck like crispy skin was also very moresome :)

Petto d’anatra alla griglia – grilled duck breast with confit duck tortellini, brussel sprout puree, black cherry relish & jus ($36.90)

With my mouth full of duck I still couldn’t help but gush over C’s gnocchi dish. Soft as a marshmallow gnocchi where each bite was filled with cheesey awesomeness. Not only cheesey sauce was covering it but we were suspecting they somehow incorporated cheese when kneading the dough. Complemented with sour sundried tomatoes, crunchy veggies but the hero was the gnocchi (I could just eat this by itself).

Special – gnocchi with pork, veggies and sundried tomatoes

Maybe this fine dining life isn’t too bad when food tastes this gorgeous. I would actually go back and pay full price without the Entertainment Card (this is saying a lot coming from a stingy Asian).

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5

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