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You know that little voice inside your head during a run that tells you to not push yourself anymore, to stop this self inflicted pain? I listened to it. I stopped. I brought 4 slices of cake. Life was good again. Finally got the push to go to Dolci Galleria after seeing the devil of a voucher offering 4 slices of cake, coffee and a bag of biscuits for $20. I like coupons.

Dolci Galleria Tiramisu

Tiramisu – Made with mascarpone cheese and rum, sponge fingers soaked with espresso coffee syrup and Kahlua ($5.80)

Velvety panna cotta split into layers of earl grey tea and orange. The subtle earl grey tea hit the spot although I couldn’t taste the orange (may have been used to enhance the earl grey flavour ;)).

Dolci Galleria Earl Grey and Orange Duo

Earl Grey and Orange Duo – Earl Grey panna cotta layered on sweet navel orange panna cotta ($4.80)

A sugar hit to the blood please! Dense chocolate mud cake with a soft mousse layer made every bite melt in your mouth. Dark chocolate ganache covered the cake, tying everything together with it’s lovely bitterness. A cute little macaron-shell with a chocolate filling decorated the top – a little cherry on top me thinks.

Dolci Galleria Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake – Belgium dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse covered in chocolate ganache ($6)

The green tea layer by itself was very sweet with a hint of cheese. For me green tea should be bitter with a lingering sweetness – don’t think the mark was hit here. The red bean cake was dry and when this was combined with the green tea layer only a bland red bean flavour resulted.

Dolci Galleria Greentea and Redbean Cheese Cake

Greentea and Redbean Cheese Cake ($6.50)

Quaint little café, very decently priced with some tasty cakes but it didn’t have that wow factor that would have me running back.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5
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