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The dessert train at Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier was one of my mecca’s in the dessert world but with great expectations comes great disappointment. I ended up lining up for an hour with displayed cakes sold out and the train itself looking very sterile. My spirit was not killed. Yet.

Dessert Train Macarons

Finally able to land a seat I excitedly watched as the dishes whirled around the table but not much really tickled my fancy. In the end I only brought the apple crumble rice pudding because I was already there – never tried rice pudding before but I couldn’t imagine it to be too bad. This taught me a very important life lesson: rice should only be used in Asian cuisines, risotto and burritos. Sweet vanilla cream with the grainy texture of rice was foul which was made a bit less dry-rench material when eaten with the bitter salted caramel drizzled around the cup. Any apple flavour was baked to a gooey flavourless mush.

Apple Crumble Rice Pudding ($7)

Being unsatisfied I decided to try the strawberries and cream which had bits of dense shortcake with strawberries and cream decorated about – alright  to look at but damn expensive for $7. This is seriously something not that hard to make ourselves.

Strawberries and Cream ($7)

At this point in time I had given up on the dessert train completely and decided to get one of the dishes from the menu. I ordered the fondant and was told it was a 20 minute wait. It came out with what looked like a bed pan from a hospital. The fondant had a raspberry sauce filled syringe and a scoop of ice-cream. It reminded me of Domino’s fondant (yes the pizza place) but Domino’s was better and cheaper.

 Chocolate Fondant ($12)

Disappointing doesn’t even begin to describe how cut I am. The dessert train was like the cheerleader effect – fuglies in a group that appear hot when together but are not.

Passionfruit Cheesecake ($7)

Before I went into the dessert train I brought some Zumbo macarons – I love the wild wacky flavours.

Adriana Zumbo Dessert Train Macarons

Buttered Popcorn, Salted Caramel Sandwich, Salted Caramel, Fingerbun, Bread and Butter, and Lychee and Coconut (Left to Right)

Lychee and coconut macaron was light and fresh with a cream filling and juicy lychee paste in the middle. The bread and butter macarons was strange where it tasted like sultana bread (too close for comfort). My all time favourite – salted caramel, my love, my precious. Subtle saltiness in the cream-based caramel filling – what is there not to love about it. The buttered popcorn macaron makes me salivate each time I think about it. Buttery smooth cream filling with a balanced saltiness hidden away. The fingerbun tasted like well … a very sweet fingerbun. It came with all the works though – coconut sprinkles and sultanas but it was weird to eat. The salted caramel sandwich was too heavy handed in the salt for the filling.

So my advice – buy the macarons and run far far away.

Food: 1/5 (edible at best for the dessert train but I would give it a 4.5 for the macarons)
Service: 2/5 (extremely busy with 2 ‘waiters’ running about like headless chook)
Atmosphere: 2/5 (very sterile and nothing like the Willy Wonka vibe I had read about)

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