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Due to the never ending trend of new restaurants popping up left, right and center, it takes me about 1 year before I make it back to the same place. Off I hopped to By Blackbird as it was announced that the Winter’s Delight special was back for 2 nights only – I’ve been waiting to try this mama out for ages.

By Blackbird Apple Tart

 C’s Apple Tart

The Winter’s Delight was subtle in flavour but screamed in freshness. A delicate little crepe encased vanilla mousse and poached pieces of apple on a crumbly sesame biscuit base. The crepe itself was soft yet firm – loving the contrasting texture of the crumbly sesame biscuit. Light, fresh vanilla mousse filled the inside but the poached apple was a bit bland for me. It also came with creamy vanilla and chocolate chip ice-cream on the side – what’s crepes without some ice-cream?

By Blackbird WInter's Delight

Winter’s Delight – Vanilla mousse, filled with apples poached with vanilla & goji berries on a bed of a sesame seed biscuit and wrapped in an orange crepe

Food tastes better when they’re smiling at you, it’s a fact I’m sure. The iced dark raspberry chocolate was like milk but this might have been because the raspberry sauce sunk to the bottom. When I finally reached the end the tangy raspberry cut through the sweet dark chocolate – tasted delicious and it was a shame that it didn’t carry throughout the entire drink.

By Blackbird Iced Dark Chocolate

 Iced Coconut Dark Chocolate and Iced Raspberry Dark Chocolate Drink

The complimentary earl gray macaron came out in the cutest form – I have dubbed him MOONFACE. Look – he even has a tiny croissant *swoon*. The strong yet sweet earl gray flavour of the macaron was tasty.

By Blackbird Earl Grey Macaron

Complimentary Earl Gray Macaron

One thing that really stands out is that Chakey and Jin are as humble as pie – that pure humility is hard to find in anyone let alone anything customer related. It felt like being at a friend’s house where we saw Jin fluttering about making conversation and Chakey making her modest appearances when she’s not too busy in the kitchen. Usually I blend into the crowd and am pretty much a wallflower at restaurants but I was extremely surprised when Jin remembered our exact order and where we were sitting on our first visit 3 months ago. By Blackbird is not merely just a dessert place, it’s somewhere where they truly want to get to know their customers and that level of care cannot be found anywhere else in Adelaide.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5

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