Enzo’s Ristorante

Enzo’s Ristorante has been on my to eat list for a while. Due to efforts of having to book weeks in advance which didn’t line up with my “just get through one day at a time” approach left it on my list for a while. Luckily it was A’s bday so hooray some poor sucker had to deal with the planning ahead-ness ;) Low turn over rates where you would spend the whole night there would explain why bookings are so backed up – we had to wait 2 hrs for our food to even come out. Somehow we were placed in the small function group category which meant a different menu with limited options.

Petto Di Pollo Al Gorgonzola Con Spinaci - organic chicken breast filled with spinach wrapped in prosciutto with royal blue potato bake, broccolini, gorgonzola sauce ($32.50)

Antipasto as an entree came out first for us – fresh meat, delicious fatty salami and earthy mushrooms was a feast for the eyes and mouth.

Antipasto a Mode Nostro – Italian and local delicacies, grilled, pickled and preserved ($18.50)

P and I weren’t very hungry so we decided to share the crab linguine. When it came out it was a lot smaller than if we had the other menu according to S which is quite shit when it’s at the exact same price. The dish itself was extremely salty – by salty I mean crazily thirsting water like a fish gasping for the ocean on dry land. Each bite from the crab meat just left an explosion of saltiness in my mouth but it didn’t stop there – salt was drenched on top of each strand of pasta which just gave that kick no one wanted. It actually could have tasted good but any other flavour present was purely dominated. I only finished this dish off because of the crab meat – that’s where the money is baby.

Linguine con polpa di granchio with blue swimmer crab meat, chilli and fresh tomato ($29)

A’s steak came out and it was the size of her head. The steak was cooked to medium – pink on the inside with a slight smoky flavour. She really enjoyed it and did a great job finishing it all off.

Controfiletto Alla Griglia – 400g char-grilled scotch fillet with royal blue potato mash and red wine jus  ($39.50)

This was the only night I have ever felt any sense of shame with my camera. Let me set the scene – the birthday cake came out and was set upon our table. With our Asian instincts we grab our cameras and phones and start clicking away like mad. As S puts it,15 of us flocking to the cake like seagulls to a chip. Guess what the table across from us did? They took a picture of all of us in our natural habitat. Not a proud moment.

I’m actually not sure what this cake is called and the guys that brought it from Steven ter Horst didn’t know either. A giant ferrero rocher cake in all it’s glory is the only way I can describe it. A layer of hazelnut mousse followed by a refreshing light cream but the stale and dry praline sponge ruined it a bit. A rich chocolate bottom disk filled with crunchy feuilletine biscuit was the cherry on top of the icing.

A Cake by Steven ter Horst – flavour unknown 

Food: 1/5 – based on the salty crab linguine which left my throat burning with thirst
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5

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