Happy One Year I Only Eat Desserts

1 Year = 86 posts, 4 countries, graduation, job hunting, published, studying abroad, full time work. It’s weird to think so many transitions have occurred in such a small span of time.

Chocolate covered strawberries

One year and still at it woohoo. I admit I am a quitter. It’s easy to start something – you are so motivated and excited but when that energy saps out you stop. Blogging didn’t feel like a chore, I do it because I love it and that is one of the hardest things to find (especially for a quitter like me). 

Roti Canai

There are some weird facts that I’ve learnt – I actually write better when I’m tired and sleepy. I  started this blog when I was on the verge of sleep and I am currently writing this post just before I pass out.

Laduree La Fraise

Sometimes my friends ask me to describe the food I’m eating but I actually don’t talk when I eat. Well lets be honest, if I talked about every single detail about whatever I was eating I’m pretty sure someone would punch me in the face.

Strawberry Leige waffles with Ice-cream

Noteworthy moment – I finally sunk my teeth into Pierre Herme macarons! I’ve been salivating each time I opened his cookbook (not really a Kodak moment of myself).

Here’s some photos from Japan that I wanted to share with you all but I could never find a home for them in a post.

Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji on a Perfect Winter’s Day

Bakery in Shinjuku Station

Tsukuji Fish Market – A Sushi Lovers Paradise (Shame I’m Allergic To Fish)


Mt Roko in Kobe – enjoying my last days in Japan

A-bomb in Hiroshima

Thousands of Cranes sent from all over the world in the Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima

Thank you for reading my blog and following me – it’s been a joy writing and sharing my photos. Here’s to another year to I Only Eat Desserts!

Photos displayed from my previous posts:

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