DNK Cupcakes, Fremantle

DNK Cupcakes Fremantle Market


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Perth – probably the most expensive state in Australia but weirdly enough desserts are surprisingly cheap. Wandering around Fremantle Market I stumbled upon DNK Cupcakes – how could I ignore those plea-ful stares of the cupcakes telling me to eat them all. I went in on a late Sunday arvo where mini cupcakes were selling at 4 for $5 – what a bargain!

DNK Cupcakes Fremantle Market

On my first round I got a coffee, peanut butter, vanilla and mint mini cupcake. The first bite of the vanilla cupcake left me short of words – a crispy meringue-like shell held the creamy frosting with the actual cupcake itself being soft and moist with a slightly dense texture. The peanut butter and mint mini cupcakes had a chocolate base instead which I found to be a bit dry – lovely frosting but I wasn’t a fan of the cupcake. I also loved the sweet touch of the chocolate covered coffee bean and reese peanut butter cup where it fitted the theme of the cupcake so well.

Mini Coffee, peanut butter, mint and vanilla Cupcakes DNK cupcakes Fremantle

Coffee, Peanut Butter, Vanilla and Mint Cupcake (Clockwise from Top Right) – 4 for $5

As fate would have it I had enough time to sneak back into the Fremantle Market. However it costed $7 for 4 – maybe my Sunday bargain was an attempt to sell all stock before the week ended. On this second adventure I choose toffee, cookies and cream, vanilla and raspberry all with a vanilla base. Sweet caramel tones in the toffee cupcake and the raspberry tasted like vanilla (I love vanilla) but the cookies and cream was bland.

Mini cookies and cream, toffee, flake chocolate, raspberry vanilla Cupcakes DNK cupcakes Fremantle

Toffee, Cookies and Cream, Raspberry and Vanilla Cupcake (Clockwise from Top Right) – 4 for $7

I couldn’t help but take solo photo shoots of these cupcakes while I waited for my flight – they’re just so pretty. Needless to say no cupcakes remained once I stepped off that plane ;)

Flake chocolate vanilla cupcake Vanilla Cupcake topped of with a Flake Chocolate

Toffee cupcake and oreo cupcake

Toffee Cupcake and a Cookies and Cream Cupcake

Food: 3/5
Service: N/A
Atmosphere: N/A

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