Le Carpe Diem

A little slice of France in Adelaide has arrived but Le Carpe Diem left me angry and confused. Be warned about extra charges for sharing even if you’ve already brought something. Let’s establish the facts – 3 crepes were already brought yet an extra $1 was charged on top for our sweet crepe because we were sharing it between the 3 of us. I smell bullshit when I hear it especially when I see no signs around against sharing.

saint malo mushrroms cheese egg tomatoes savoury crepe adelaide

Saint Malo – Mushrroms, Cheese, Egg and Tomatoes Savoury Crepe ($11.50)

Being nearly lunch time us ladies decided to try the savoury crepes – too daring to just have a sweet one for lunch. The camembert I chose had melted camembert cheese, pine nuts and salad with honey drizzled on top of a savoury crepe. The crepe itself tasted like cereal, think ironman and weatbix – the ones that are healthy for you but don’t taste great. The honey, salad and cheese combo tasted really strange – it won’t kill you to eat it but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience either.

Camembert pine nuts honey and salad savoury crepe adelaide

Camembert – Camembert, Pine Nuts, Honey and Fresh Green Salad Savoury Crepe ($14)

I only took one snap of each dish and decided there was really no way I could save any of these photos especially when I didn’t even think they looked pretty in real life. The jambon, ceuf and fromange crepe had runny yolk spreading throughout the melted cheese and ham. This is definitely on the ordinary side of life – could just whip this up yourself at home and use bread instead of a crepe.

jambon ceuf fromage ham egg and swiss gruyere cheese savoury crepe

Jambon, Ceuf, Fromage – Ham, Egg and Swiss Gruyere Cheese Savoury Crepe ($9.50)

The berenice had caramel salted butter spread on the crepe, topped with vanilla icecream and walnuts. We asked for no walnut with the waitress writing it down yet as you can see in the photo there were walnuts. Not happy Jan, not happy at all. I only ate around the outside of the crepe as the caramel salted butter piled up in the middle rendering it completely salty. There was a mild flower taste that put me off – if I wanted to eat a flower, I would ask for it. Too many confusing elements on this dish with salt and flower never making it together.

Berenice Caramel salted butter, vanilla icecream and walnuts crepe

 Berenice – Caramel salted butter, Vanilla Icecream and Walnuts Crepe ($9.50)

There’s so much hype around Le Carpe Diem and for me it’s just hype. The unique flavours try to pull so many different ingredients together but they don’t combine in a way that makes sense or even taste good.

Food: 1/5 – edible but not enjoyable
Service: 3/5 – the service was actually nice until they charged us extra for sharing
Atmosphere: 4/5 – loved this cosy little French cafe, perfect Rundle St vibe

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