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A failed attempt to head to Parwana (even if Urbanspoon and their site said they were opened) led us to wandering down Henley Beach Road in an attempt to find any kind of food like stray cats. Everything was closed on a Saturday arvo but luckily W suggested for us to eat at Modinetti. I must admit I was defeated and I gave up on brunch places a while back but Modinetti restored my hope and love with it’s reasonably priced and deliciously tasty food. I don’t think I would even need to eat dinner after heading here.

The baked eggs sugo dish was brimming with Italian tomato sauce with two eggs peeking out to say hello. Cutting through the egg runny yolk streamed out and mixed with the Italian tomato sauce with chilli sneakily hidden at the bottom. Don’t get me started on the toasted bread – 3 buttered slices of extremely crispy bread gave way to a solid crunch. Ripping this and dunking it into the sauce was oh so tasty.

 Baked Eggs Sugo – Two eggs are cracked into a rich Italian tomato sauce, garlic and chilli served with toasted bread ($12)

Although already with my own meal I couldn’t help but stare at the contadino baked eggs – it didn’t do any good that I could smell it from the other side of the table. Yes, I stole a spoonful. Don’t judge me. The sauce was light and flavoursome from the garlic and bay leaves with beans floating around everywhere. I think I will get this dish next time and not turn to criminal acts of stealing others.

Baked Eggs Contadino Modinetti Baked eggs in a bed of creamy cannellini beans with garlic, bay leaves, proscuitoo and italian sausage

 Contadino Baked Eggs – Eggs in a bed of creamy cannelli beans with garlic and bay leaves, prosciutto and Italian sausage ($15)

Modinetti definitely surprised me with their amazingly delicious dishes that were super filling. I can’t help but compare it to A Mother’s Milk where I did only head the week before and Modinetti comes up on top for me by a mile. The flavours were more vibrant and jam-packed – sure to make your taste buds tingle.

Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5



146B Henley Beach Road
Torrensville SA 5031

8352 8845

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