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In Australia we’ve only seen chocolate, white chocolate, caramel and cookies and creme kit kats. That’s not how Japan rolls – with more than 200 flavours released seasonally, regionally and in limited editions, this kit kat craze is on an absolute high.

I got sucked in big time and it became my life mission (more like my 5 months mission) to try all these different flavours. As the crazy slowly built up in me, Nestle offered this limited edition boxset where it had a collection of all regional kitkats. With all this madness stored up I purchased it without a second thought (FYI it costed $40 for 30 kit kats). It was totally worth it :P

Japanese Regional Kitkat Boxset

Japanese Regional Kitkat Boxset

Peek a boo, I see you

Although not part of the boxset, Kobe offered the pudding flavoured kit kat – caramel sweet white chocolate with a light fruity after-taste. Just look at the packaging and how it’s so pretty and done up (only in Japan would kit kats be presented so well).

kobe pudding kit kat

 Kobe Pudding Kit Kat

The small town of Uji (Kyoto) is famous for offering one of the highest quality green teas in Japan where Uji’s green tea is used in the matcha kit kat. The milky white chocolate paired with the subtle matcha flavour was amazing. Japan knows how to work magic on matcha and it is my favourite flavour kit kat. Big call, I know ;)

Uji Matcha Kit Kat

Uji Matcha Kit Kat

Hojicha is roasted green tea which would explain why it is brown. Don’t be fooled by the colour as this is my 2nd favourite kit kat – it had a light Chinese tea taste without being bitter at all.

Hojicha Japanese Kitkat Roasted Greentea

Hojicha Roasted Tea Flavoured Kit Kat

Yatsuhashi is a cinnamon biscuit sold in Kyoto and actually tastes quite nice. The kit kat looked really pretty with specks of cinnamon in the white chocolate. That’s as far as I can compliment it as it had an awful overpowering cinnamon flavour and I’m not a cinnamon fan. Maybe for those that like cinnamon would like this more :)

Yatsuhashi Cinnamon Kit Kat

Yatsuhashi Cinnamon Kit Kat

B brought this for me when he went on a trip to Hiroshima during my first month. Clearly I’ve established my obsession for kit kats. The golden citrus blended kit kat tasted mostly like orange with hints of lemon and lime.

Japanese Citris Blend Hiroshima Kitkat

Golden Citris Blend Kit Kat

No one does strawberry flavour like the Japanese. Opening the packet I could smell the sweet strawberry tones. The crispy wafer was layered with strawberry cream, covered in sweet strawberry white chocolate. Delicious and I wouldn’t mind for some more.

Japanese Strawberry Kitkat

Strawberry Kit kat

This was the kit kat that scarred me for life. Life is like a box of chocolates until you bite into the wasabi kit kat – life turns into bloody terror of what kind of kit kat awaits you next. I was on the verge of throwing up with that hot painful sting only wasabi can create. It comes down to whether you like wasabi – I don’t like it but my friends that did enjoyed this kit kat.

Japanese Wasabi Kitkat

Wasabi Kit Kat

The blueberry cheesecake was not a hit – a strong pungent sour cheese taste mix with the blueberry was quite strange.

Japanese Blueberry Cheesecake Kitkat

Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Ka

Black sugar syrup kit kat = yuck. Sadly words cannot describe this.

Japanese Black Oil Kitkat

Black Sugar Syrup Kit Kat

I love edamame but it should not be in kit kat form – it tasted like plant (not in a good way).

Sunda Japanese Kitkat

Edamame Soybean Kit Kat

Apples and chocolate combined together in a kit kat did not make for a party. Biting into the wafer, dark chocolate was released with an artificial apple flavour that lingered for far too long.

Apple Kit Kat

Apple Kit Kat

Chilli chocolate was one of the more familiar flavours – the dark chocolate lulls you into a false sense of confidence of it being just an ordinary kit kat. Don’t be fooled as the hot chili tinge slowly builds into a burning force on the tongue. This actually was quite a nice kit kat :)

Chocolate Chilli Kit Kat

Togarashi (Red Pepper) Kit Kat

Sweet Potato + Kit Kat = No No. There’s just so much weirdness a person can take and this was just too strange.

Sweet Potato Kit Kat

Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat

‘I’ was my travel buddy in Japan and the surprise she gave me in my mailbox back in Australia was too sweet. She was in Hokkaido travelling and seeing these kit kats she decided to buy me some – I could not be more grateful :) Luckily the strawberry cheesecake kit kat tasted pretty good where it was like white chocolate but a level sweeter. No complaints here after the sour cheese-ness that was the blueberry cheesecake kit kat.

Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat

Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat

Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat

Red bean sandwich kit kat – sounds weird enough for me and it was not the best. Initially you taste off-flavoured red bean mingled with dull milk chocolate which left a very odd bitter after taste.

Red Bean Sandwich Kit Kat

Red Bean Sandwich Kit Kat

The pear kit kat had white chocolate with a subtle pear flavour. Although the aftertaste was weird and felt a bit like white out.

Pear Kit Kat

Pear Kit Kat

I admit I did go a little crazy looking for kit kats. Any time I was in a convenient store or a supermarket I would browse the candy aisle just incase I had missed a flavour. Lesson learnt: kit kats are not for the faint hearted – my low point was the wasabi but after that it was sunshine and rainbows (comparably :P). For all those sharped eyed dudes and dudettes, yes this is only part 1 of my kit kat posts – look out for part 2 (coming soon).

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