Devour Dessert Bar [Round 3], Prospect

Firstly apologies for the not up to scratch photos my dears – impromptu decision to go to Devour left me empty handed without a flash nor camera. Let’s not dwell on the past and get down to business! Although Devour has a small menu they are consistent with what they plate up. I’ve only had an eh dish once or twice but most times I’ve enjoyed what I had.

The chocolate fondant was a bit gooey with a crunchy top –  nice but on the ordinary side of life. This dish comes alive when you have it with the peanut butter icecream – cold and hot, complete opposites but there’s something about it. The silky smooth icecream had a light peanut butter flavour with a popping surprise – pop rocks were hidden within! Definitely a dessert made for winter – it made me feel all fuzzy and warm on the inside but that might have been because it was so hot.

Chocolate Fondant

Chocolate fondant, peanut butter ice cream, pouring cream $12

My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard and they’re like it’s better than yours, damn right it’s better than yours … not sure why but this song always goes off in my head when I order a milkshake, might be due to C always singing it when he orders one :/ Cute milk jars but tasted pretty average. The malteser milkshake was thick – it felt like drinking chocolate icecream. C’s coffee milkshake tasted ok but I’ve had better.

Can’t wait to see what they come up next – quite excited to head back here in a month or two when their menu changes :)

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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