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As graduation day slowly approached, friends that have moved interstate are coming back to little old Adelaide. I’ve been wanting to try Press for quite a while and D was nice enough to let me choose where to eat. When I walked into Press on a Saturday afternoon, it was a nice surprise to see it near empty – meant it wasn’t too loud to catch up over food :)

The house-made pappardelle, blue swimmer crab, tomato and chilli dish was absolutely amazing. The pappardelle was perfect – cooked till it was firm but not actually hard. Each strand was just right with an even amount of delicious sauce and crab meat. I have quite a low resistance to chilli and for once, this wasn’t chilli at all for me :)

Press Food and Wine Pappardelle with Crab, Tomato & Chilli

House-Made Pappardelle, Blue Swimmer Crab, Tomato & Chilli ($29)

D choose the roast pork belly, roasted carrot purée and confit onion dish. The pork belly was succulent and tender but the crackling was a bit soft, it wasn’t as crispy as I thought it would be. The creamy, sweet roasted carrot puree made us think at first it was pumpkin or sweet potato, carrot didn’t even cross our mind!

Roast Pork Belly, Roasted Carrot Purée, Confit Onion ($32)

Mouth watering, tasty dishes – Press hits the mark for sure and they have definitely made a mark in the Adelaide food scene. If you’ve ever eaten here, what are your thoughts about Press?

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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