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I finally made it to Astonish after drooling over the Mr Burger for so long. Walking in I instantly fell in love with the old, rustic library atmosphere. Bookcases were filled to the brim from novels to even textbooks. I even spotted a thermodynamics textbook in there (not pleasant memories for the soul).

Mr Burger was a dessert in disguise! I was awing and fawning over how adorable it looked. This dessert really spoke levels about how creative and out of the box Astonish was. The macaron was much larger than I expected (about 6cm!). 

Macaron Burger

Mr Burger – Sesame Espresso Macaron, Rice Sorbet, Berry Marmalade, Grilled Pineapple, Strawberry Moscato Jelly and Hand Crafted Puff Pastry ($15)

Macaron Burger

I really wanted to write a good review for Astonish, I was very very impressed by how it looked – the construction, the colours I absolutely LOVED it. However, honesty is the best policy right? Sigh, here we go – I felt the rice sorbet lacked any kind of flavour and the macaron was too chewy for my liking. The strawberry moscato jelly’s flavour and texture when eaten with everything else was confusing – it didn’t really add anything to the burger. The berry maramalade I actually quite liked, it was one of the only things that hit me with a flavour. The green herb gave a strong punch of basil/oregano but mixed with the sweetness made it a really strange flavour combination. The whole thing lacked depth and the flavours didn’t work together to bring it home. The puff pastry fries were even charred brown in colour and left a burnt after taste.

The giant crunchy profiterole was not the most prettiest but it tasted pretty damn awesome. Buttery profiterole with crunchy toffee pieces – yummo. The whole thing didn’t even go soggy even with icecream in it.

Giant Crunchy Profiterole

Giant Crunchy Profiterole – Plum Compote, Vanilla Ice Cream, Salted Caramel Sauce and Cheese Cream ($14)

Astonish’s desserts look gorgeous – I will go as far to say a food photographer’s porn! C’s giant crunchy profiterole was delicious, maybe it was just my Mr Burger’s that wasn’t there yet. I wouldn’t mind going back to try out what else they had to offer (hoping for a better tasting experience) :)

Food: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 4/5

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