Hidemi Sugino, Tokyo


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A couple of years ago I had to do a presentation on what I would do if I went to Japan. No surprises here – I talked about needing to go to Hidemi Sugino’s shop. Who is Hidemi Sugino you may ask? The master of perfection where any angle you look at, everything is precise, beautiful and deliciously gorgeous. When I say perfection I mean it – some cakes can’t be brought as take-out and can only be eaten instore as the cake would die a horrible horrible death from the travel time and non-refrigerated environment.

A rule was introduced a few years back where you are not allowed to take photos of the cakes inside the store. My heart broke and ached to just take one tiny photo. I COULD HAVE MADE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL :( I had the cappuccino instore – that piped dollop of vanilla creme mousse was perfect on the thick coffee filling and biscuit tart. 


I brought two cakes to take back to the hotel and camwhored them the way they wanted to be! Sous bois had light, velvet smooth mousse that melts in your mouth with a refreshing, blackcurrant flavour – a bit like ribena. Hidden away within the puree, kirsch bavarois, jam and cake were the raspberry and blackcurrant flavours. Hidemi Sugino exploits the acidity and sourness of the fruits to cut through the sweetness of the mousse to create something truly amazing.

Sous Bois

Sous Bois

Honfleur was a pear and alcoholic mousse. One bite and I couldn’t eat it again, all I could taste was the alcohol. I am someone that attempts to eat as much cake as I can, even if I get food poisoning which actually caused me to regurgitate sous bois out (I had a bad curry just before) – yes that was how dedicated I am, disgusting but dedicated.



Hidemi Sugino has clean cut flavours that gives ode to the traditional. For people that enjoy the simple things in life, Hidemi Sugino is for you with his well executed delicate mousse. If you love creative flavours that blow you out of this world, Sugino’s cakes might not be your favourite but it is good, mousse will not taste the same after eating these tantalising cakes.


3-6-17 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku

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