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One thing that I will not forgive is being half-assed about allergies. Pesto is made out of pine nuts and as a cheaper option cashews are sometimes used – we all know how serious nut allergies can be so if you are going to put pesto in your food, write it in the menu. No indication of pesto on my steak was given until I had spotted this green thing and asked the waitress whether it was pesto. The waitress had the audacity to say to me: “you should have told me you were allergic”, this was steak with the menu saying it was a mushroom sauce – how the hell am I suppose to know you were going to splash pesto everywhere. My steak was hesitantly replaced with a sour face and no apology. If I had taken one bite out of that plate I would have ended up throwing up all over the restaurant. Oscars poorly missed the mark with what I would even consider as humane.


I don’t see pesto written anywhere

The food itself tasted alright. The steak was well cooked to medium rare with a smoky flavour. The mushroom glaze giving it a subtle rustic taste which I liked. It was an alright meal but it wasn’t something that blew me away and would make me want to come back.


Steak – $29.90

C’s risotto looked like puke but he did say it tasted alright with the chicken really well done.



I wouldn’t want to go here again because of the terrible, inconsiderate service. I would suggest that if you were considering this place, just spend your money elsewhere where service might actually care.

Food: 3/5
Service: 1/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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