Wakkoqu, Kobe

I bet you’ve all heard the rumours about Kobe beef – how the cows are massaged and are given beer to drink. Strict guidelines are present to be classified as Kobe beef. The cow has to have a pure Tajima-gyu breed lineage as well as being born and raised only in the Hyogo prefecture. Let’s get down to business – I got the Wakkoqu Lunch which had 150 g Sirloin, Roast Vegetable Medley, Soup of the Day, Salad, Rice with Pickles, Dessert and Coffee for 5040 Yen ($53 AUD).

Wakkoqu Kobe Beef

First thing that came out was this french onion soup. It actually was quite yummy – subtle onion flavour with cornflakes(?) and herbs garnished on top.

French Onion Soup

The teppanyaki style restaurant had a performance by the chef – cutting and cooking everything on the iron griddle. Onions were fried to thin crispy chips, delicious!

Kobe BeefKobe Beef

The star of the show – the Kobe beef, was cut and cooked to however you wanted it. In my case, medium :) Just looking at the marbling of the beef, you know it was going to be incredibly tender.

Kobe BeefKobe Beef

Marbling Awesomeness

Kobe Beef

Lightly fried with tender, juicy meat – definitely incredible. Although steak is weirdly the one thing I am not too picky about, it was very expensive to pay $50 for 150g.  I would prefer just a regular Aussie steak that would actually fill me up.

Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef

Veggies – did not like that weird grey/black thing


Kobe Chuo-ku Nakayamate-dori 1-chome 1-22-13 Hillside Terrace, 1st Floor

This place actually took me more than an hour to find because google maps lead me to a love hotel area district. If google maps shows you a building called Crystal Tower, you are in the wrong place. Click here for the actual map.

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