Pierre Hermé [Round 2], Osaka

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I Only Eat Desserts / January 16, 2013 / 2 Comments

Pierre Hermé will suck all the money I have.

Pierre Hermé  MacaronsPierre Hermé Macarons

Simple is not in Pierre Hermé’s vocabulary. You bite through the thin crisp of the chocolate almond meringue into the soft and chewy macaron, which then transitions into a chocolate ganache. There is no distinction between the macaron and ganache layer at all, yummm.

Pierre Hermé Infiniment Chocolat

Infiniment Chocolat

I refused to believe that Pierre Hermé can’t do a salted caramel, I was in extreme denial. I actually went back there to get another one to see if I had some dodgy batch. Thank god, my faith was restored :D The second one I had achieved such a perfect balance of sweet and savoury – sweet caramel, hint of salt and finished with a subtle charred taste. The velvety, smooth cream filling and the crunchy macaron shell texture – how could something so simple taste so amazing.

Pierre Herme Infiniment Caramel

Infiniment Caramel

The infiniment citron was a really shocking surprise – perfect in texture and flavour. Crunchy macaron shell with a soft center, followed by a surprising depth of lemon filling.

Pierre Herme Infiniment Citron

Infiniment Citron

Infiniment Jasmin, just woah, although the picture itself doesn’t make it look appetising,  this was delicious. The creamy center filling with a powerful tea flavour. Me just nit picking but there was no shiny top that I’ve seen in photos of Herme’s infinite jasmin. Mine only had some random sparkles on it, not that glittering shiny top.

Pierre Herme Infiniment Jasmin

Infiniment Jasmin

Infiniment cafe had a creamy soft filling with a crispy yet soft macaron shell. It was a delight to be able to see bits of coffee in the filling.

Pierre Herme Infiniment Cafe

Infiniment Cafe

In 2012, Pierre Hermé released a colletion called Les Jardin where each month offered a limited edition flavour. I tried the Jardin D’Antan in October which paired violet with aniseed.  It actually tasted pretty awesome, the flavours worked so well together.


Jardin D’Antan


Pierre Hermé


JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan
B2F, 3-1-3 Umeda

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