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One of my very good friends from high school came back to Adelaide a while back (ok 4 months ago whoops). With tradition we go out to a dessert place to catch up and this time we choose Dolce & Co, especially since M really wanted to try it out.

I had chosen the Cafe Au Lait – a shortbread bottom with hazelnut cream, followed by a sweet jelly-ish raspberry center. I really enjoyed this hazelnut and raspeberry tart :)

Cafe Au Lait Tart

Cafe Au Lait ($6)

M had gotten the Froza which was quite delish, reminded me of tiramisu.

Dolce & Co Forza Cake

Forza – Layers of robust coffee macaron biscuit, Veneziano espresso syrup, almond dacqoise and light coffee creme ($8)

I fell in love with the mango heart ice cream when I first saw it – it’s so cute. It was a light mango flavoured ice-cream with a salted caramel filling. I wasn’t a fan of the salted caramel filling, it was just overpoweringly sweet to the refreshing mango flavour.

Mango Love Heart Ice Cream

Mango Heart

Noisette was delicious –  nutty hazelnut, crispy biscuit center with the whole thing dipped in chocolate, ummm yes please.

Chocolate Nutty Ice Cream

Noisette – Gianduja (Hazelnut paste) ice cream, crispy biscuit centre, dipped in milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts.

I also decided to try some of the macarons and I chose the green tea and the salted caramel with roasted sesame flavours. Of course they looked pretty but once you scratch the surface, in my case, bite into a hollow macaron shell, you know they’re pretty dud. I’m not gonna vent about why hollow macarons make me angry (I think I’ve done enough of that already) but moral of the story – THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE especially since the price of these macarons were $3 each. In terms of taste it didn’t fare any better – quite mild in my opinion. The salted caramel with roasted sesame pretty much tasted like creamy butter, where was the sesame?

Dolce & Co Matcha and Sesame MacaronsMatcha Hollow Macaron

Hollow shell >:(

Dolce & Co – they know cakes, stick to the cakes.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 2.5/5

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