Arashiyama, Kyoto

Last week was the peak for autumn leaves where the red leaves brought so much life and colour to Japan. It gets super packed during this time – a weekday felt like a weekend and a weekend was hell where you’re swimming in a sea of people. Though in the end it was definitely worth fighting the crowds to see the temples. I was really surprised to see that 98% of the people who went to see the autumn leaves were Japanese and not tourists.

In Arashiyama, I visited Tenryuji temple (World Heritage Site), the bamboo forest and then wandered around a bit after that. Here’s a few of my favourite photos that I’ve edited – I nearly went blind editing them, too many colours o____o


Tenryuji Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as being ranked the “Top Five Zen Temples” in Kyoto. I didn’t actually go into the temple because during Autumn you buy the ticket separately for the temple and the garden. Otherwise during the year, you can buy the ticket for the temple and garden together. I decided to buy the ticket for the garden to catch the beautiful leaves.


These pictures below don’t really do the mountainside backdrop of Arashiyama any justice at all – it was quite beautiful to see it in real life with the mountains lined with so many different colours.


Togetsukyo Bridge

On our way pass the Bamboo Forest, we passed this little store in someone’s carpark. It sold ramen, boiled eggs and puddings. The boiled eggs were such a healthy snack that most of us exchangers brought some. The pudding was super delicious – smooth, creamy and sweet. Who would have though to find this little gem on a random hike up the mountain?IMGP9308IMGP9300

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