Rikuro Ojisan, Osaka

Rikuro Ojisan is a store that sells Japanese cheesecakes in Osaka and Kobe. If you ever walk past it, it is always crowded with a massive ass line. You know it is the best when you see Japanese people wait ages for their cakes – just follow the locals and you should be fine ;)

Rikuro Ojisan Japanese Cheesecake

It was insane to see about 7 people at the back just baking cheesecake after cheesecake. You get the cheesecake fresh out of the oven – so bouncy, puffy and shiny. The 18 cm  cheesecake only costs 588 Yen ($7.35 AUD). Yes a whole cheesecake for only $7 bucks, not just one slice.

Rikuro Ojisan Japanese Cheesecake

The cake was soft, smooth and fluffy, literally melting in my mouth. At the bottom they have raisins which was a nice welcome to the cake, otherwise without it you would only be getting the smooth creamy cheesecake flavour. It actually wasn’t too sweet at all, I ate about 3/4 of it on the first day. If you have the chance to get this in Japan, do it! A whole delicious Japanese cheescake for such a great price :D

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