Ippudo Nishikikouji, Kyoto

I was fortunate enough to be taken here by Sako in Kyoto – the best recommendation I’ve had! Especially since there was no line as we went during an odd hour :)  So a little introduction to Ippudo – founded by Shigemi Kawahara who earned the title of the Ramen King after winning first place consecutively on TV Tokyo’s national ramen competition. There are 43 shops in Japan, which has expanded internationally to America, Hong Kong and Singapore. From a little digging, there is now one opening in Sydney, Australia on the 6th December 2012. Woohooo!


Let me introduce to you the best ramen I’ve ever tasted in Japan – the Akamaru New ramen. Ippudo’s signature tonkotsu broth was intensely flavourful.The ramen really comes alive when you mix in the “koyo” (fragrant black oil) and “umami-dama” (savoury ball), transforming it from a white creamy soup into a black yummy mess. The thin Hakata-style noodles (however you want it cooked) and toppings (chashu pork, kikurage mushrooms., negi) were so tasty and more than satisfying.


Akamaru New (800 Yen)

The Shiromaru is Ippudo’s classic ramen with a lighter tonkotsu broth. It was topped off with chashu, kikurage and negi and the ramen as a whole was quite refreshing, not oily or heavy at all.


Shiromaru Classic (750 Yen)

The Akamaru New Ramen changed my (ramen) life so if you’re ever around in Japan or Sydney, you must go to try this place out :D


京都市中京区東洞院錦小路東入ル阪東屋町653-1 錦ビル1F

653-1 Nakagyo-ku Babtouyacho | Nishiki Bldg 1F, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

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