Wittamer, Osaka

Everytime I spot Ugg Australia in Japan I can’t help but feel a stab of pride. I guess this was what it felt like to be Belgium when H spotted Wittamer. Wandering around the dessert floor (yes it’s an entire floor full of desserts) in Hanshin Department, Umeda, we spotted Wittamer. Wittamer is an official supplier to the Court of Belgium – so it must be good right?


The Pomme Rouge was the first thing I spotted which drew me to this store. Oh, so pretty – it looked so much like a real apple. I think one word that encapsulates Wittamer’s desserts is delicate. Eating through all the different layers of the light apple mousse, smooth apple jelly and soft almond sponge, the textures blended together so well that you could not feel the transition until you reached the tough apple and almond tart.

Wittamer Pomme Rouge

Pomme Rouge (578 Yen – $7 AUD)

Wittamer Pomme Rouge

Layers – Raspberry Jelly, Apple Mousse, Apple Jelly, Almond Sponge, Apple and Almond Tart

My favourite dessert was the cake of blackcurrant with it’s fresh, sweet and sour blackcurrant flavour. It felt like eating mousse but upon closer inspection (and actually reading the name) I think it’s a cake, even if it did melt in my mouth and did not offer any resistance.

Wittamer Cake of Blackcurrant

Cake of Blackcurrant (504 Yen – $6 AUD)

Wittamer Cake of BlackcurrantWittamer Cake of Blackcurrant

I’ve been looking for a simple and beautiful strawberry and cream cake for a while, which I found in Fraise De Wittamer. The incredibly soft sponge cake filled with sweet cream, cutting through with the tartness of the strawberries. Simplicity at it’s best!Wittamer Fraise De Wittamer

Fraise De Wittamer (525 Yen – $6.30 AUD)

I got a bite of H’s Chestnut Millie-Feuille and it is probably my second favourite. Crunchy puff pastry with a soft, sweet chestnut cream mmm.

Wittamer Chestnut Millie-Feuille

Chestnut Millie-Feuille

Verdict: The cakes tasted good but there was no wow factor to knock my socks off.



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