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Uji is the capital of green tea in Japan and one of the places that I visited was the Taiho-an tea house. You can experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony for only 500 Yen ($6 AUD) – what a bargain. You need to buy your ticket from the visitor center right across from Taiho-An before you can enter.

Taiho-An Green Tea CeremonyTaiho-An Green Tea CeremonyTaiho-An Green Tea Ceremony

The ceremony goes for about half an hour while I sat on the tatami floors in seiza (正座). Believe me, it hurt but I didn’t want to be soft like S. She gave us a traditional Japanese sweet and it had to be eaten first to offset the bitterness of the matcha (powdered green tea).

Taiho-An Green Tea Ceremony

While we were eating, the kimono-clad women started preparing the matcha. I can understand and appreciate why a tea ceremony is called an art now. Her movements were so precise and graceful from adding the hot water to the matcha to mixing it with the bamboo whisk.

Taiho-An Green Tea Ceremony

The matcha was hot and bitter with a sweet aftertaste. It is the most amazing green tea I’ve ever tasted, converting me into a matcha addict now.

Taiho-An Green Tea Ceremony

Highly recommended especially since you can experience something so traditional and quintessentially Japanese at a completely reasonable price.


1-5 Uji-tougawa Uji City, Kyoto

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