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Nghi Ngan Quan used to be L’s fav Viet restaurant, until about 2 years ago when I converted her to Yenlinh :D However, Nghi Ngan Quan is still a great restraurant, located near Hanson Road. I’ve eaten here since I was kid, when the place had giant paintings on their windows of fake Blue Bear, Powerpuff girls and Pucca. They have massively upgraded since those times, even if the outside looks rundown and closed the inside has really nice decor and a lovely atmosphere. The staff are also very polite and kind, one of the best Asian services I’ve received in Adelaide.

Nghi Ngan Quan Vietnamese Adelaide Restaurant

Went here for a uni catch up with some friends. I think I’m way too familiar with Vietnamese cuisine so it was great to see it through a new pair of eyes. Let’s get started! The quail meat was succulent and tender, with hints of acidic lemon.

Vietnamese Quail Dish

Quail one serve – $7 with a side of lemon and salt, pepper dipping.

The combination egg noodles was soo delicious with its mix of squid, meat pieces, quail eggs, fried onions and fresh herbs. Loved the fried onions, so oily and crunchy, kinda like the ones in mee goreng instant noodles but more fresh and much more delicious! Quail eggs were so adorable and brought back memories of childhood.

combination egg noodles

Combination egg noodles (small $9) – squid, quail eggs, meat pieces, veggies, spring onions, fried onions, fresh herbs. 

combination egg noodles

Quail Egg :D

The custard apple smoothie was quite nice and sweet, but I don’t think I”m used to the custard apple flavour. The Avocado smoothie was so creamy, smooth and not overly sweet – a really refreshing drink. This seemed like such a weird concept to my Caucasian friends but for me and L it was normal. Avocado, who doesn’t like avocado? XD

Custard Apple and Avocado Smoothie

Custard Apple Smoothie  and Avocado Smoothie ($4 each) 

Here’s some photos of the dishes my friends got, they all enjoyed theirs :)

vietnamese combination broken rice

Combination Rice (small $9)

vietnamese seasoningBun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue, Spicy Noodle Soup (Small $9) 

Rice Noodles with Beef and Chicken

Rice Noodles with Beef and Chicken (small $9)

Nghi Ngan Quan is a great restaurant with an extensive menu so there is always something new to try. Great food, great price, great service, great setting – ionlydesserts approves!

Food: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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