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Pierre Hermé needs no introduction, having been coined the “Picasso of Pastry” (Vogue Magazine) and the “King of Modern Pâtisserie” (The Guardian) . He reinvented the macaron from the classical flavours – vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and coffee by pushing boundaries and creating out of the world macarons like Eden (Peach, Apricot and Saffron), Huile d’Olive a la Mandarine (Olive Oil with Mandarin Orange) and Metisse (Orange and Carrot with Ceylon Cinnamon).

I thought that he only had stores in Tokyo until I did a search and discovered that he has a store in Osaka, only a few floors down from Ladurée. I own Pierre Herme’s macaron cookbook and after drooling over the pictures for years I was going to go no matter what.

Pierre Herme Macarons

Macarons (2226 Yen ~ $27 AUD, about $3.40 each)

Oh how do I even begin describing these macarons. The first one I tried was Pléntitude, a chocolate and caramel macaron. There were so many different textures, biting through the soft macaron shell into a chewy, intense chocolate ganache and then a crunch from a chocolate piece layer.

Pierre Herme Pléntitude (Chocolate and Caramel) Macaron

Pléntitude (Chocolate and Caramel)

The creme brulee macaron had a vanilla and caramel macaron with a smooth creamy vanilla filling and a caramel layer smeared onto one of the macarons. What a great recreation of the classical creme brulee dessert.

Pierre Herme Creme Brulee (Vanilla and Caramel Bits) Macaron

Creme Brulee (Vanilla and Caramel Bits)

The Jardin Oriental macaron was supposed to have rose, orange blossom and ginger flowers but for me, it had a very strong sweet orange taste with a subtle hint of perfume.

Pierre Herme  Jardin Oriental (Rose, Orange Flower and Ginger) Macaron

 Jardin Oriental (Rose, Orange Flower and Ginger)

I love vanilla and Pierre Herme does EXTREMELY GOOD vanilla. He has a range of vanilla desserts but the store in Osaka doesn’t sell these cakes. The vanilla macaron melted in my mouth :D It uses vanilla from Tahiti, Mexico and Madagasca which results in a strong punch of flavour. Ah just look at the smooth perfect top!

Pierre Herme Infiniment Vanille (Vanilla from Tahiti, Mexico and Madagascar) MacaronPierre Herme Infiniment Vanille (Vanilla from Tahiti, Mexico and Madagascar) Macaron

Infiniment Vanille (Vanilla from Tahiti, Mexico and Madagascar)

The Imagine macaron had crunchy black sesame in the middle, surrounded by a matcha filling. Getting the right balance with savoury flavours for a dessert is a very very difficult thing to achieve, even though it tasted alright it was still pretty weird for me.

Pierre Herme Imagine (Matcha and Black Sesame) Macaron

Imagine (Matcha and Black Sesame)

I was extremely disappointment in the salted butter caramel macaron. One of my all time favourite flavours and I could not taste anything but salt, yuck. [I tried another one and Pierre Hermé is redeemed – wait for my second review of Hermé]

Pierre Herme Infiniment Caramel (Salted Butter Caramel) Macaron

Infiniment Caramel (Salted Butter Caramel)

The Agape macaron was supposed to have lemon and spice bread flavours. It did have a very strong citrus, lemon flavour but that was all. I was under-whelmed with this :/

Pierre Herme Agape (Lemon and Spice Bread) Macaron

Agape (Lemon and Spice Bread)

Infiniment rose consisted of rose macarons and a rose petal cream. Although the rose was a lot more intense with Hermé’s, I find Ladurée’s flavours to be more light and refreshing, and thus I prefer Ladurée’s version as it is more unique.

Pierre Herme Infiniment Rose (Rose and Rose Petal) Macaron

Infiniment Rose (Rose and Rose Petal)

Pierre Hermé – you have won my macaron heart. Even if some flavours didn’t work out, the ones that did were one of the best macarons I’ve ever had. Crisp, soft and chewy macaron shells, perfect presentation and very unique fillings – there is nothing I could ask more for.

Pierre Herme Macarons


JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan
B2F, 3-1-3 Umeda

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