Tenkaippin, Osaka

Before going to see the new Rurouni Kenshin movie in cinemas, we needed dinner first and one of the closest restaurants was Tenkaippin.  Tenkaippin founded in Kyoto, is a chain store with more than 230 stores around Japan.


One of the coolest things about this place is that you get to choose your own ramen base. They offer 3 flavours: kotteri – thick and creamy ramen soup, assari – light soysauce taste flavoured with chicken and vegetables ramen soup, or half blend which is a mixture of kotteri and assari.

I got the ton-toro ramen with kotteri ramen soup. The kotteri ramen soup was thick like gravy, rich and full of flavour. I’ve never tasted any ramen to this gravy consistency, it was pretty intense. The marbling pork neck meat was just fat. I am not a fan of just eating fat so for me the meat was just bleh.

 Tenkaippin Ton-Toro Ramen

Ton-Toro Ramen (Marbling Pork Neck Meat) (1000 Yen ~ $12.50 AUD)

 Tenkaippin Ton-Toro Ramen

The other exchangers got the tokusei ramen with kotteri ramen soup. The meat looks less fatty :)

 Tenkaippin Tokusei Ramen

Tokusei Ramen (680 Yen ~ $8.50 AUD)

Gyoza entreee!

Tenkaippin Gyoza


Tenkaippin does good ramen, probably better than any other place in Adelaide. However, I didn’t enjoy the thick texture of the soup and the noodles could have been harder. There are better ramen places out here in Japan so I probably won’t be back.

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