Sweets Paradise, Osaka

Wow I’ve actually been in Japan for 1 month, time passes unbelievably fast. It has been such an amazing experience – making friends from all around the world, travelling and exploring Japan and of course the food. I wanted my first post on Japan to be something epic and I’ve finally found a place! Me and J decided to celebrate our 1 month together. She was the first person I met off the plane :) We decided to go to Sweets Paradise which is an all you can eat dessert place – yes you read right, all you can eat. It costs 1480 yen ($18.50 AUD) for 80 mins, such a great deal since in Australia you would be expecting to pay $12 just for a plate of dessert.

As you could have guessed I was literally jumping for joy when I got there. Snapping away like a crazy maniac and trying to stuff my face with as much as I could, I was a sight for sore eyes. Look at all these tempting desserts, how could any sane person say no?

This was a picture of my first plate, I lost count afterwards. They give you savoury food as well – pasta, curry and salad. It really helps with stuffing down the cakes :D Like the pig I am, I had 2 plates going at the same time – one for savoury and one for sweets ;)

The first cake I tried was kind of like a swiss roll – soft, fluffy cake filled with cream and banana in the middle, topped with more cream and berries.

The raspberry mousse was my favourite – crunchy nutty biscuit base, raspberry mousse-ish filling with a jelly top.

Raspberry mousse (フランボワーズムース)

Innocent enough looking right? WRONG, this cake was the death of me. It was basically 3/4 full of cream and 1/4 of cake, it didn’t have much flavour as well. Be warned.


The slice below was really yummy, it had such a subtle sweet green tea flavour in the cake.

The creme brulee roll had burnt sugar on the outside of the cake, inside was filled with cream. I really liked the contrast between the burnt flavour vs. the soft cream and cake.

Creme Brulee Roll

At this point forward I was in a sugar coma, cake started tasting the same. I’ll end this post with a spam of cake photos ;) Definitely go here if you are ever in Japan, they have places all around. You really get your value your time and money – this was dinner for me that day but I could never look at cake the same way for a few days.

Apple mousse (リンゴムース)


 Berry cake (ベリーのケーキ)



Sweets Paradise, Osaka

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