Lick the Plate Fudge and Gourmet

[20/10/13 Lick the Plate Fudge and Gourmet has closed up shop in Hahndorf]

A lot of us wanted fudge during our Hahndorf trip so we ventured down the main street, very surprised to see how many fudge shops there were. There was even a store offering  free fudge samplers but we persevered on,tempted but did not get sucked in, putting all our blind faith into the one true fudge fudge store that we spotted when we drove in.

Lick the Plate Fudge and Gourmet Vanilla Fudge

Old Fashioned Vanilla Fudge

I never really liked fudge because it was always way to rich. During our fudge hunt I was in for a rude awakening. I usually try and eat the entire fudge bar because it was in bar form. Who eats part of a chocolate bar or a muesli bar, no we consume it all, we are not weak or a pansy, we eat the entire thing like a real man. Apparently you don’t do this with fudge, you can get your fudge cut up into bite size pieces to pace yourself :/

Cappuccino, Vanilla and Bailey's Fudge

Cappuccino, Vanilla and Bailey’s Fudge

Cappuccino, Vanilla and Bailey's Fudge

C got three fudge bars – cappuccino, vanilla and bailey’s fudge. I eyed on curiously as I was still sceptical, but lucky for me C was willing to share. After one bite I was like: FUDGE LIFE FOREVER! Did I mention the fudge here were amazing? The sweet coffee, creamy smooth vanilla and yummy milky bailey’s fudge. So good and not rich at all if you eat it in small bites, I wish I knew about this before. Lick the Plate does a really good job with fudge – dense, hard and sweet but not overpowering. You should visit this place for some great fudge if you are in the neighbourhood :)

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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