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Went on a day trip to Hahndorf more than a month ago but kinda/totally forgot about it until recently :S Hahndorf is one of Adelaide’s tourist destinations famous for it’s German heritage and cuisine, thus it was appropriate for us to visit the Hahndorf Inn for some German food. The decor inside the Inn had such a German feel to it – a loud, noisy dining hall. The Hahndorf Inn was packed by the time we got there in the arvo, but we had the option to sit outside on the lovely benches in the sun.

Hahndorf Inn Hotel

Me and C ordered the A Taste of Germany Platter. So much meat. It came with Bockwurst, Weisswurst, Cheese Kransky and Vienna sausages. I really like the Weisswurst sausage and the Cheese Kransky which was a sausage with small chunks of cheese in it. The smoked Pork Kassler Chop was quite delish, the pork knuckle was very tender but a bit bland on flavour. The Rhine potatoes were alright and sauerkraut was a bit meh, I think I just don’t like sauerkraut. I took one bite of the pretzel and I never ate it again, looked nice but tasted like stale bread.

We didn’t finish the plate (oh the shame) but saw 3 of our friends who got one of these each to themselves and machined their way through it. 2 of them did really well nearly cleaning it up but another C came out on top, where there was nothing on the plate. Literally. The white plate could be seen with no sauces, no little bit of meat residue. It probably just needed a little bit of soap and it would have been good to go again.

German Meat Platter

A Taste of Germany Platter ($59.90)

I’m not a lover of beer but C got this 1L stein of HB original all to himself, gees what a monster of a stein XD. He said the beer tasted a lot better when eaten with the platter and that it went well with the food.

HB Original Beer

HB Original 1L Stein

The food was quite nice, I really liked some of the sausages but I struggled to tell what was what. It is more of a novelty to come down here rather than to come just for the food.

Food: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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