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Thanks Devour Dessert Bar for putting that teaser photo of your tasting platter up on facebook and twitter, it was so hard to fight the power to not come. Hitting 228 likes on just that fb photo I’m sure a lot of you couldn’t fight it either. So much love for this tasting platter, everything was AMAZING. The tasting platter had the donut sundae, peanut butter and jelly panna cotta and macarons.

Tasting platter – donut sundae, peanut butter and jelly panna cotta and macarons ($28)

Let’s start off with the pbj panna cotta because I got to eat this all by myself as C hates anything custard-ish texture like, hooray more for me! The panna cotta was really smooth and creamy, you can really tell how much they had improved. On my last visit I had gotten the cookies and cream panna cotta, it was nice but a lot more solid and tough than what a panna cotta should be. However they definitely hit more than the mark this time with the light silky texture, paired with the peanut butter it was definitely to die for. The peanut butter, oh so crispy, fresh and crunchy. A bit like crunchy nut but more soft and fluffy. The flavours worked incredibly well together and having a spoonful of the smooth panna cotta, fluffy crunchy peanut and the sweetness of the jelly was amazingly divine.

The donut sundae had warm donut balls with oozy chocolate on the inside, eating it with the ice-cream, honeycomb and raspberry mmm. We were in for a surprise though as something kept popping in our mouths. We narrowed it down to the vanilla bean ice-cream, it had pop rocks it them wooooo! I love pop rocks! Tasted amazing and all the flavours were so fresh and delicious.

Peanut butter, cookies and cream, red-skin and grape hubba bubba macarons

Peanut butter, cookies and cream (?), red-skin and grape hubba bubba macarons ($2.50 each)

I had to get the macarons take-away cause I couldn’t fit anymore in (especially since we came straight from a Indian Temptations yum). To be honest, I was very disappointed in these macarons, the shells were hollow :/ I’m not sure if it was just my batch but all 4 macarons I had were hollow. Instead of biting into a chewy fluffy center, I bit into a puff of air. The flavours weren’t very strong either, I was really looking forward to the red-skin macaron but it took me a while to even figure out the subtle red-skin flavour taste. The peanut butter macaron was alright and the cookies and cream one was too plain for me, I couldn’t really taste anything. The grape hubba bubba macaron was my favourite, I could smell the grape flavour before I ate it. It really did taste like hubba bubba!

Devour’s service has always been good, but the waiter we got this time was so nice and thoughtful. Ears-dropping on the people next to us, they had gotten the lemon meringue pie and the ice-cream sandwich. When the waiter presented it he asked them if this was their first time eating and if so would they like a guide to how to eat it, how incredibly kind and considerate :D With the lemon meringue pie, you’re suppose to eat all the bits and pieces together. I wish I had him the other time I ate the lemon meringue pie, maybe my tasting experience would have been better as I just ate it part by part.

I love Devour’s innovative dishes with their amazing surprises and beautiful presentation. You will never get bored with what they offer :) Usually I bring and borrow a flash from C but it broke so now I’m left with my harsh camera flash, more lighting is required please!

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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