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Famous for their coffees yet I am automatically became a magnet to the dessert cabinet once I step in. Felici offers a variety of desserts – macarons, slices of cakes, tarts and cake pops.

Showcase of desserts 

The macarons here are hugeee, although costing about $4.20 each you get a pretty big macaron, approx 5cm diameter. One of the few macaron places I would recommend in Adelaide, tasted really nyommy. The picture below is a raspberry macaron with a sweet buttercream filling on the outside followed by a raspberry jelly/jam in the middle. My favourite flavour is the salted caramel but for some reason everytime I try to buy it it’s never available anymore. The salted caramel macaron was a bit like the raspberry one where outside it was a buttercream, then followed by a salted caramel filling. I’ve only had it once and I want more so if you see some random person peeking in from the side street outside it is probably me checking if there are any salted caramels available :( 

[Edit 25/9/12] – I managed to get a hold of the salted caramel last night but it was very different to the one I had initially. Poorly presented with random red and blue food colour smudges on it, hollow shells and no salted caramel punch. It just had a thin salted caramel layer smeared on with the buttercream wedged in the middle. I take back my recommendation for a macaron here, nothing to rave about :/

Raspberry macaron

The mocha cake has a layer of coffee flavoured cream and custard, layered with puff pastry. Quite delicious and would go well with a coffee.

Mocha cake

Oh this Tea Drop tea set was so cute with it’s little tray and teapot. I love the Tea Drop honeymelon green tea, sweet and refreshing where it tastes a bit like the sencha sensation tea from T2.

Teadrop Honeydew Green Tea

Very reasonably priced and a lovely place that is always buzzing. I think we got 3 drinks and 3 desserts for around $25. Pretty good value with everyone loving what they got, how can I not recommend it?

Food: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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