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One of the things people ask me is how do I find out about all these new places? It’s quite simple: facebook. I have a lot of foodie friends that love to post their photos up or recommend me to go try a place out and being a foodie myself, how can I say no? So that was how I found out about Dolce & Co, just by a friend posting up their amazing looking desserts.

Walking into Dolce & Co the first thing I noticed was how everything is so chic, the desserts were presented in the glass cabinet followed by the kitchen at the back. It was pure torture having to just pick a couple of desserts with my indecisive nature, I just wanted to eat all of them. Amazing service especially how they treated L and me as we were allergic to nuts. It was really nice of the waiter to get the chef to come to talk to us just to point out which desserts contained nuts. FYI from memory there were only about 3 desserts that were nut free.

Please forgive me as I didn’t take photos of the pastries we ate, I was starving by the time we arrived but am kicking myself a bit now though. The croissant was extremely pretty, flaky and fresh. L got the mushroom and leak pie and she let me try a bit, it was super nice and tasty.

The salted caramel had a fudge-like chocolate layer, followed with salted caramel and finished with a passionfruit brulee layer at the bottom. Very rich but very satisfying for the giant sweet tooth.

Salted Caramel Tart – Crisp sable pastry with salty caramel , passionfruit brulee and Chocolate cremeux ($8)

The pina colada, woah, pretty? Yes! Yummy? Yes! The pina colada was light and refreshing with a smooth texture. It felt like I was eating mousse but from the description I don’t think it actually was. It was covered in crumbled crunchy coconut (?) and filled with a sugared mixture of pineapple, all topped off with a white chocolate leaf and some sweet liquor in a pipette. I’m guessing the liquor is some dessert version of a pina colada, loving the DIY nature of the pipette and having the opportunity of putting the liquor onto the gateaux ourselves.

Pina Colada – layers of Coconut dacqoise , Pineapple confit , coconut creme legere ($8)

The hazelnut crunch was my favourite dessert for the day. How do I even begin? Throughout the cake there are bits of wafer-light textures in the cream so everytime you bite, crunch! The bottom was like a cocoa cake with a very thin layer of wafer-like biscuit right on top of it. It was all finished off with a delicate, thin chocolate piece. This was a very light gateaux and not rich at all, loved it.

Hazelnut Crunch –  layers of Hazelnut biscuit, Dacqoise and praline cream ($8)

I fell in love with this place straight away and am wanting to try all the different desserts they offer. They also have ice-creams and macarons too but I was way to full to fit anymore in. Amazing place so if you haven’t been I suggest you get ready to run as they are only opened in the mornings and arvos!

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 2/5

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