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I think that’s enough of meal dishes for now, I miss writing about desserts. I have a love hate relationship with Cocolat. My first visit was 5 years ago and I was traumatised by their crepes. I got the strawberry crepe, harmless enough right? I was so wrong, the strawberries were cooked which resulted in tasteless mush, yuck. An ionlyeatdessert rule: do not ever cook your strawberries unless you’re making jam or baking that delicious Martha Stewart strawberry cheesecake. I tip-toed around this place for a very long time but slowly through the years I’ve been dipping my toes back into Cocolat and my view had changed from it being a completely over-rated store to one that is mediocre, until a couple of nights ago when I tried their gelato (spoiler alert, it’s amazing). Another good sign was that my traumatised dish was no where in sight on the crepe’s menu, surprise surprise :/

I got 2 scoops – the hazelnut and coffee. The hazelnut gelato literally tasted like ferror rocher, I was expecting to bite into a wafer piece sooner or later. The coffee gelato was like iced coffee but when I say iced coffee, I don’t just mean a tad of coffee flavour, no it was exactly like eating iced coffee. The gelato was thick, creamy and smooth, my gosh it was amazing. Award winning gelato, I totally agree. Move over Gelatissimo I’ve found my new gelato place. 

Gelato (2 scoops for $6)

I also tried the chocolate peanut butter brownie after reading about it on a blog and also because I’m in a “I can eat every kind of dessert without pistachios or cashews” mode yayyy. The brownie was crunchy and chewy, filled with peanuts and finished off with a smooth, thick chocolate top :) It was nice but it didn’t knock my socks off. I wouldn’t get it again as I would use that money to buy more gelato.

Chocolate Peanut Brownie ($5.50)

I’ve tried so many of their cakes – Cocolat, Bailey’s Embrace, Wild Thing and Tiramisu and none of them impressed me at all. The Cocolat cakes look gorgeous and are always beautifully presented. However they taste very ordinary and there is no wow factor. They tasted dry and you can tell they are definitely not fresh.


I wouldn’t bother with their cakes or crepes but will definitely be back to Cocolat for their gelato again. Gelato in winter that’s how I roll :) Be warned though, this place is packed on Friday and Saturday nights.

Food: 1/5 – I would give them a 4 for their gelato though.
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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