Macarons in Adelaide (and Beyond)

Adelaide Desserts Macarons in Adelaide (and Beyond)

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I tried my first macaron in Hong Kong in 2009 at Jean-Paul Hevin, it was amazing and oh so yummy. Thanks to Masterchef the macaron phase hit Australia in 2010 and so many little stores were popping up selling macarons in Adelaide. For the past few years I’ve tried so many stores but am yet to find one that I love in Adelaide.


McDonald Macarons

It is now 2013 as I update this document and from all my years of suffering, we finally have something average and consistent in Adelaide. Presenting itself in the form of Maccas macarons – these babies ain’t bad but don’t expect too much from them (click here to read more about each macaron flavour).

McDonald's Macarons

Devour Dessert Bar

They do a great job with the macarons and have new flavours that I’m dying to try out (think redskins, grape hubba bubba and sour apple mmm). My second visit to Devour gave me a chance to try these crazy flavours – check out my review by clicking here. Bottom line – unimpressed with their hollow shells.

Peanut butter, cookies and cream, red-skin and grape hubba bubba macarons

The Mac Factory

The only place in Adelaide that has a store dedicated to macarons. I’ve been here many times but I just end up buying a box of salted caramels. To be honest, all the flavours taste the same after a while. They do have a small bookshop called the book nook at the back full of cookbooks where you can pretty much find most of the books you’re looking for.

Mac Factory Macarons

Mulots Pâtisserie

I felt it was more of a hit and miss with this one. Some of the macarons tasted a bit dry/hard/stale while others were the way you wanted it. The fillings were quite lovely though.

Mulots Pâtisserie

Callum Macarons

Macarons by Callum (remember that guy from Adelaide on masterchef) produced some macarons and sold them in Providore, Adelaide Central Market when the Masterchef/Macaron craze was high. I’m not sure if it’s available anymore as I did not bother to check it out again. Sorry, but this failed to impress me and was by far one of the worst macarons I’ve ever tasted. I struggled to even get a decent shot because the macarons were not very pretty ….

Callum's Macarons Masterchef

The Aviary Dessert Kitchen

I’ve only been to the Aviary once and I didn’t enjoy it too much. The food didn’t have that homely, comfy feeling and the excessive amount paid for the small portion of dessert was a turnoff. The macarons were ok where the packaging was quite pretty.

The Aviary macarons


Herbees Cafe

Seen these types of macaron’s before? I think I have too. Farmgate Providore (also in Harndorf for $3.80 each) and the macaron place in Chinatown stock the same type, most likely they get it from the same place. I brought 5 for $12 at Herbees Cafe and although they look pretty, I felt they tasted too dry and artificial. The vanilla one literally tasted like plastic.


Pastille Petite Desserts

She used to run a small store in the Rundle St Markets, however she closed up shop to move to the US a yr ago. Her macarons were quite nice and delicious. Another plus was that they were only $1.50.

Pastille Petite Desserts

Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate and Passionfruit

Chateau Blanc Macarons

Who said macarons from Woolies couldn’t taste alright? Cheap and tasting alright for those with a macaron craving whose on a budget, check out more info about them here. Now that we have Maccas macarons I would go for those and avoid the Chateau Blanc macarons.

Chateau Blanc Macarons

Dolce & Co

My second visit to Dolce & Co gave me the chance to finally try these babies out, but my final verdict of their macarons is that they suck. Expensively priced at $3 each for small, HOLLOW macarons. I will not stand for this. If you are gonna to sell macarons at the same price of Herme and Laduree, they better be up to scratch and have the basic common decency of not being hollow.

Dolce & Co Matcha and Sesame Macarons

Felici Espresso Bar
For some strange reason the first couple of times I had a macaron here it actually tasted quite nice but then it went a vertical downhill fall from there. For why I dislike it – check it out  here. Basically it had hollow shells, messy presentation and a very meh filling.

Felici Macarons

Steven Ter Horst Chocolatier
I know Steven Ter Horst has started producing and selling macarons on a regular basis but I haven’t had the wonderful chance of tasting it. However, judging from the fact that my birthday cake this year was this giant beast of a monster right below, I’m sure his macarons taste good. Read about the Entremet Macaron (the macaron cake right below) here.

Steven ter Horst Macaron



I’m sorry for the depressing post about Adelaide, but outside Adelaide is quite amazing. Everytime a friend goes interstate I ask them to buy some macarons for me haha.

Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier (Sydney)

My dear friend D went to Sydney and was nice enough to bring some macarons back from Zumbo. I’m surprised D didn’t devour them on the spot and had enough self restraint to bring them back. Needless to say, yes everything you’ve heard about Zumbo is correct. It is absolutely amazing and I can understand why he is crowned the Willy Wonker of desserts. How do you even make a coca-cola flavoured macaron work? He did and I am mind blown!

A trip to Sydney gave me the chance to try Zumbo macarons first hand and I’ve got to say they were as tasty as my first experience – click here to read more.

Adriana Zumbo Dessert Train Macarons

Lindt Chocolat Cafe (Sydney, Melbourne)

Lindt Cafe takes a more traditional approach to their macarons, offering the classical flavours vanilla, rose, salted caramel, chocolate, pistachio and strawberry. I devoured some of them before I took photos, my bad. When C was in Melb he brought me a box of 10 with 6 of them being vanilla flavoured. I’m not complaining, vanilla is my fav.

Lindt Macarons

 Vanilla, Rose, Salted Carmel and Chocolate

La Belle Miette (Melbourne)

Daintiest macarons in Melbourne with the prettiest shades of pastel colours. Double thumbs up – click here for my full review.

La Belle Miette Macarons

Luxbite (Melbourne)

Luxbite offers Asian inspired macarons – think oolong tea, jasmine and kopiko flavours. Yum! Such interesting and delicious flavours – check out my visit here.

luxbite macarons

Jean-Pierre Sancho (Perth)

While I was in Perth for an interview, I decided that I would pop down to the very talked about Jean-Pierre Sancho (also a very much needed coffee hit as I arrived at 3AM in the morning due to flight delays).  The macarons were thinner than the ones I’ve eaten before and thus quite crispy which was a great change. It was also reasonably priced at about $2 each. Much cheaper than Adelaide which mystified me as I thought everything in Perth would be more expensive.

Maison Saint-Honoré (Perth)

Perth you do yourself proud with Maison Saint-Honoré – flavours that hit the spot with a not too bad shell (click here to read more).

Maison Saint-Honoré Salted Caramel Macaron


Ladurée (Japan)

Ladurée perfects the traditional, classical flavours, they taste quite nice but for me the flavours bored me. To be honest I wanted something with more flare -read my review on Ladurée’s macarons here.

Pierre Hermé (Japan)

This is by far my favourite macaron place – lovely, innovative flavours that will blow your mind. Some people complain that he overstuffs his macarons, what do I think? The more the better! Pierre Hermé – the pioneer of macarons, read about my first post here and my second post here.

Hope you enjoy the post and photos. Feel free to leave some ideas of places to try!

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