Chocolate Bean, Adelaide

Chocoholics rejoice, this place was built for you. Farewells, birthdays, valentines day and catch ups, I’ve had them all at chocolate bean. This was actually the very first dessert place I went to when I was in year 12. Back in the day you could get away with going in on a Friday night without a booking but these days you must make a booking to even get a seat because they are packed to the brim. Tried to make a walkin last Saturday and most things were reserved :(

I suggest you share the indulgence plate with a tank friend. This is a monster, so rich and yet so yummy. The shots are a killer as it is basically drinking melted chocolate. I was absolutely in love with the death by chocolate cake, it is a seriously thick chocolate mudcake. So delicious that at one stage during uni I brought a slice each week to eat by myself to get through my swotvac blues. $8.50 gives you a giant slice of cake, I had to train myself up to finish it. (btw, it is not the size as shown in the pic below) 

Indulgence Plate - Slice of death by chocolate cake, 2 shots of chocolate soup, 1 shot of chocolate mousse, strawberries dipped in chocolate

Indulgence Plate – Slice of death by chocolate cake, 2 shots of chocolate soup, 1 shot of chocolate mousse, strawberries dipped in chocolate For the very brave, you can test your courage on the chocolate soup. I couldn’t handle this … this was the shots form in a cup. I got the white chocolate one and it tasted like egg. The chocolate soup also comes in milk and dark chocolate. White Chocolate SoupWhite Chocolate Soup = death ($7)

Chocolate Bean does amazing drinks, their chocolate cocktails and chocolate icys are a winner for me. I love the dark chocolate icy with butterscotch yummm. The toberlone cocktail was a smash too (great for a sat night).

Toblerone Cocktail ($17.50) and Dark Chocolate Icy

Toblerone Cocktail ($17.50) and Dark Chocolate Icy ($6.60)

Chocolate Bean

Chocolate covered strawberries

They started introducing new things to their menu a couple of years ago and I’ve tried a few of them. Their berry waffles are my favourite waffes in the whole of Adelaide, crispy and crunchy, topped with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and ice-cream mmmm the way I like it.

Berry Waffles (once again, apologies for the phone camera pic =[ ) – $12.90

I didn’t enjoy some of their new things – the chocolate mousse and the cupcakes. The presentation of the chocolate mousse was really nice but the taste was way too goopy and not soft and fluffy, no signs of a meringue base in it. I got sucked in by the cute oreo cupcake and broke my rule and tried something vegan. To this day, I regret that moment as this cupcake tasted like dirt. I don’t see the point of baking anything without the essential ingredients butter, milk, eggs, cream etc. You might get away with excluding a few of those ingredients but not all. A cake or any kind of dessert without these products will taste like grass, because that’s the only thing you can use. 

Oreo Cupcake (Vegan)

Ending this post with a photo showing proof that it is do-able, but please note that we could not move for a while afterwards.

Chocolate Bean


Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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