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Long time lurker on food blogs, first time poster. My first post will be on Steven ter Horst – definitely my favourite dessert place. These photos were taken during 3 visits (I’m so tempted to go now, I haven’t been there for so long!!)

The chocolates are named after female names – Theresa, Claire, Stephanie. Dark chocolate fans will love the assortment of flavours.

Warning: Do not attempt the Entremet Macaron by urself, it is a dangerous road (trust me, I tried). This was my birthday cake for this year, giant macaron cake for the win, I think I was able to get through 2/3 by myself. It is so delicious, definitely a challenge for my giant sweet tooth. Yes it does taste as good as it looks. I was in heaven after having a spoonful of macaron, vanilla creme fraiche and raspberries with a crunch from the chocolate disk.

Entremet Macaron: Macaron with fresh Adelaide Hills raspberries and Vanilla créme fraiche Mousseline. 16cm large!

The lemon lust is anything but ordinary. After I ate this I decided to make my own mousse because that’s how much I was craving it afterwards. The lemon mousse is very light and fluffy, paired with praline and a cocoa sponge, definitely a winner. One of my favourites from here :)

Lemon lust: Lemon mousse with praline cream centre and cocoa sponge

Once the chocolate ganache is cracked open, the gooey salted caramel oozes out. It was very rich but I was lucky enough to share with a friend. The salted caramel tart was delicious, the perfect combination of salty and sweet flavours. Most salted caramel’s that I’ve tasted tend to be on the conservative side with the salt, however Steven ter Horst pushes the limit and it pays off. I love the punch of salty-ness!

Salted caramel tart: Chocolate ganache over salted caramel

The chocolate cloud was such a blob of adoreable-ness. Like always, it tasted really good and very chocolatey, however I wish there was something more unique to it.

Chocolate Cloud: chocolate mousse, vanilla cream, crunchy cocoa nib disc over flourless chocolate sponge

The blackberry layered had so many textures and flavours. Starting from the base with a chocolate sponge, then onto the blackberry gelee wedged between a layer of white chocolate cream and vanilla pain de gêne (genoa bread), finally it is topped with a chocolate creameux layer. It was amazing how all the flavours worked together.

Blackberry layered: chocolate sponge, white chocolate cream, vanilla pain de gêne, blackberry gelee and chocolate creameux

You can’t go wrong with anything you try here, it definitely lives up to expectations. Please note that I had edited this post because this was my very first post. I was still unsure what direction I was going to head in as I initially just wanted to make a photo blog. However, photos without words made it very hard for me to tell you my opinion, hence this photo blog evolved into a food blog :)

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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